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My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 8 – An Erotic Story

My First Gangbang

As I was travelling into the office on Tuesday morning, dressed in a very sexy outfit, my mind wandered back to the day before, my first official day as Company slut. Could it have been more perfect! I blew my boss Rick in his office, I got my new slutplug, I gave Tony, my favourite of the Partners, an experience to remember, and Dave performed the greatest cunnilingus I had ever received in my life at home in front of my husband. The boys then finished me off with a threesome and I gave my husband sloppy seconds. That was just day 1. Regrets – none. 

Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 8 – An Erotic Story

Tuesday in the office turned out to be relatively uneventful. Rick was busy and in and out all day, of the office, not me sadly, and a few of the Partners weren’t in. Those that were couldn’t help dropping by to see me. 

The standard MO seemed to be to get me to stand up and lean over the desk and lift my skirt for an inspection. They all loved the slutplug, and they certainly loved my bare arse. I did, for that matter, so I couldn’t blame them. I got lots of compliments. It always made me wet doing it. The subservient, submissive, office slut, bent over the desk for an inspection. I loved it. 

None of them could resist my pussy either. I knew that it must be impossible not to want to touch it, glistening as it always from my arousal. They loved to put their fingers inside me of course, and most had a taste of me while they were at it. I loved that they appreciated me so much. I loved the way they had free access and used me as they wished. It was all my long-held fantasies come true.

One of the Partners, Ted, took particular delight in the ritual. Ted was the oldest of the Partners, around 60, and I think he thought all his Christmas’s had come at once having free access to a beautiful, younger woman. Ted was not the gentlemen the others were with women. 

He was very crude in his comments as he touched me. ‘You love this don’t you slut’. He put his fingers on the base of my slutplug and pulled it out of my arse, not in a gentle manner. ‘Look at that gaping arsehole, I bet you love cock there too. What a filthy slut you are Lisa, just how I like them. Tell me what a filthy slut you are’ he said. ‘I’m a filthy slut sir’ I responded, knowing that was what he expected of me. ‘I bet you would take any stranger’s cock, no matter how many’ he said, as he pumped a finger in each hole. 

My job was to satisfy the Partners, and if the truth be known Ted had figured me out pretty quickly. He could tell I was getting off on his crudeness. My increasing wetness, and my moaning as he fingered me, gave me away. ‘Yes sir’ I said, ‘I want lots of men to use my holes’. I was playing right up to him. It took no great effort. It made me feel like such a slut. That was what I craved. 

He pushed my slutplug back in, slapped my arse, and said, ‘see you tonight slut, be at my house at 7’. He walked out of my office, leaving me there, still bent over the desk, wet through and wondering about tonight. I hadn’t really thought much about where I would be used. I had just focused on the acts – sucking cock, having my pussy licked, being fucked up the cunt and arse, spanking, etc. I think I had assumed everything would happen in the safety of my own home in front of Steve. I now had something different to think about.

I met Steve at 5 and we left to catch the train home. I didn’t know what to say about tonight. I didn’t mention a word on the train. I just focused on all the men looking at me. I loved the way they looked away when I looked back at them. I didn’t mind them looking, in fact I loved it, I just loved fucking with them and making them think that they had been caught. It was a fun game. 

Steve knew it was Ted’s turn to use me tonight, but I didn’t know what else he knew. As we got off the train and walked to our house, I said to him, ‘are you aware that Ted expects me to go to his house tonight to use me darling’? ‘You know the contract babe, ‘wherever, whenever, in whatever manner’ he responded.

My mind raced forward to new possibilities. If Ted was going to use me outside my own home, he probably wouldn’t be the only one who would do that. I really felt like a whore going to another man’s house to be used for sex. Yes, I felt the wetness between my legs. What a slut I was becoming.

I knew Ted had a penchant for sluts, so I decided to really slut it up for him with my outfit. If I was going to his house like a whore, I would look like one. I was wearing a gold jewelled G-string, like the one I had worn for Mark all those years ago when he paid an escort couple to have sex with me at a hotel, a half-cup bra, and killer heels. It was finished off with a gold sequined, body hugging mini-dress that finished half way up my thighs. It was challenging to bend over without exposing myself. Steve loved me wearing it to bars sometimes. The looks I got always ensured a torrid night of sex when we got home. I left the legs bare to accentuate the ankle straps on my stilettos. Again, I went heavy on the make-up, particularly around the eyes and lips. 

I checked out the final outfit in the mirror. I looked so fuckable, just like a high-class whore should look. I knew Ted would love it. It was a warm evening, so I didn’t need a coat.

Steve’s only participation was to drive me there. Unbeknown to Ted, he was going to park down the street and wait for me. What a guy, waiting outside in his car while another man fucked his wife. Who knew how long he would be there? He wanted me to feel safe having him close by, to know that I could call him or run to the car for protection if things got out of hand. Could Ted be trusted?

We pulled into Ted’s street and found his house. It was a very expensive street and Ted’s house was obviously worth a lot of money. He had told me to knock on the door at 7pm, not a minute earlier, not a minute later. There was nowhere to park outside Ted’s house as there were a lot of cars in the street, so to avoid being late Steve drove into Ted’s driveway to drop me off.  

As I exited the car Steve got a good look at my arse. ‘Nice’ he said. I walked up to the front door. It was bang on 7. Steve backed out of the driveway and went looking for somewhere to park the car up the street. I rang the doorbell nervously. It opened immediately. ‘Right on time Lisa, excellent’ said Ted. He looked me up and down, down and up, up and down. I could swear I could see his mouth watering. He clearly approved. What was I in for tonight?

Ted took me by the hand and led me down a long entrance hall and into a large room with a massive dining table in the middle. There were magnificent paintings on the wall, and a huge open fireplace. Ted had classical music playing in the background. It turned me on that Ted was going to use me in this room. It seemed perfect. I felt very submissive, like I was a courtesan for a very wealthy man in an earlier age. Everything was so antique. I loved it. I’m sure that this was exactly what powerful men got up to in centuries past. Maybe I was born in the wrong era.

‘Now Lisa, my wife Gail knows nothing about this, she is out of town on business of her own. You are never to breath a word of this to her. Understand’ he said. ‘Yes sir’ I responded. Ted knew that I knew Gail. She was a very conservative person. It was probably why Ted was so into me. I offered him something completely different.  

Ted then told me to go over and get on my elbows and knees on the rug in front of the fireplace and put my face on the floor. I loved the idea. ‘Do not look up unless I instruct you to. Now lift your dress up above your waist and spread your legs’ he said. ‘Yes sir’ I responded submissively, doing as I was told. ‘Absolutely magnificent’ he said. He stood there for what seemed like eons taking me in. I could feel myself getting very wet and turned on. I had worked with this man professionally for years, now here I was on my knees and elbows, legs spread like a common whore. I knew how sexy my arse must have looked in the jewelled G-string I was wearing.

‘I’m sure you will do me proud tonight’ he said, as he smacked my arse to show his power over me. It felt thrilling. I wondered exactly what that meant though. He knelt next to me and gently removed my slutplug and placed it sitting on the base pointing upwards next to my head. He slipped a finger in and said, ‘I love that gaping arsehole’. I then felt lubrication squeezed at my anal entrance. It ran down to my pussy. Ted finger fucked me to make sure both my holes were wet, open and accessible. I was truly being used. I was totally submissive to him. The age and power gap made it easy to feel like that.

‘Now wait there, I will be back in a few minutes’ he said. I heard the door close and all I could hear was the music. Fuck, I was turned on. How could anybody be so turned on when they were not even being touched? It was all sensory. What was he doing, where has he gone? My mind raced in anticipation. I had never felt more submissive in my life. I wanted Ted to have his way with me in any way he wanted. Tonight, I was his submissive whore. The waiting and not knowing added to my excitement. If only Steve could see his slut of a wife now.

The door opened and I heard voices. What the fuck! I went to look up and Ted said firmly, ‘face to the floor’. I heard the sound of shoes, lots of them. What was going on? ‘Feel free to inspect the merchandise gentlemen’ he said. Gentlemen, how many gentlemen? 

‘Lisa, I have invited a few associates from my club to share you with this evening’. I went to get up and Ted put his hand on the back of my head and said, ‘you know the contract slut, wherever, whenever, and in whatever manner. There is nothing in the contract that places any limitations on me. I am free to use you for my pleasure in whatever manner I choose. Tonight, I choose to watch you get gangbanged’ he said. 

My mind raced back to one of Ted’s question of me in the office as he fingered my pussy and arse while I was bent over my desk – ‘I bet you would take any strangers cock, no matter how many’. I had responded that I would. I thought we were just playing around. Now it was real. That is why there had been so many cars parked in the Street. They were here to use me. I was the evening’s entertainment. I had never been gangbanged, and my first was going to be forced on me.

Ted took his hand off the back of my head and I kept my face to the floor subserviently. ‘Do you have any questions Lisa’ he said. I was going to be gangbanged. I was now resigned to that. I only had one question. ‘How many sir’ I asked in a quiet subservient voice. ‘Just 10 of my closest associates, I’m sure you will handle it with aplomb’. He must have heard me gasp and said, ‘do you have anything else to say Lisa’. ‘No sir’ I responded softly. 

I had just given the all-clear to be gangbanged by 10 strangers. I could have protested and got up and found Steve’s car and gone home with him. That was my right. The contract stated that at any time I could refuse the instructions of a Partner but that my contract would be terminated immediately and that I would be dismissed from the Company on the spot. 

It wasn’t the money; the truth was that I didn’t want my contract as Company slut to end. I was prepared to pay the price. I didn’t want to go back to being plain old Lisa. I loved being used. Maybe I would get off on a gangbang by a bunch of middle-aged men. The fact that I had no say made me feel aroused. I relaxed. I now wanted to please these men that probably had wives with little interest in sex. That was my role and my objective. I would do Ted proud. 

‘Alright gentlemen, our whore seems to be happy with the arrangement, feel free to inspect her’. I opened my legs as wide as I could. I felt fingers pull my jewelled G-string to the side revealing my cunt and arsehole. That’s all I was, a cunt and an arsehole for use. I loved it. It was the most humiliating thing that had ever happened to me in my life. 

I felt fingers in my cunt and arse. I felt them all around my vagina and on my clitoris. Hands ran all over my arse cheeks and tits. It was accompanied by the crudest comments. I could feel myself getting wet, very wet. I was getting off on it.

They ran their hands over the curve of my back up to my neck and up and down my calves and inner thighs. I loved being inspected. It was the ultimate in humiliation, submission, and exhibitionism. Every touch, every comment, sent waves of electricity through my brain. Ted had read me well. I loved being a piece of merchandise. It satisfied all my submissive desires,

The comments turned me on almost as much as the physical inspection. ‘Nice wet cunt, great arse, this slut is so fucking hot, look how her arsehole gapes – that buttplug on the floor has done what it was intended to, can’t wait to put my cock in it, great tits, look how erect her nipples are, what a spankable arse, where did you find this slut Ted, can’t believe it but she keeps getting wetter, look, its running down the whore’s legs, she is fucking loving this, what a fucking dirty whore, can’t wait to stick my cock in the slut’s mouth, bet she loves that, the whore’s just had another orgasm, I’m sure she’ll let us fuck her all night’. And more! 

I had multiple orgasms during the inspection. It was the ultimate in total submission and humiliation. There were so many hands and fingers on me and in me. I could sense the men all around me. I was the entertainment. I didn’t want it to end. I loved the powerlessness. 

Eventually Ted said, ‘ok enough, time for the gangbang to begin’. 10 men, plus Ted. I was on a sexual high and I needed cock, lots of it. I wanted to be gangbanged, I needed it. I wanted these middle-aged men to use me for their sexual pleasure. I didn’t want respect, I just wanted to be used. 

At Ted’s instruction I stood up and took off my dress and G-string, leaving me in just my heels. I must have looked hot. I knew my body was very good. I’m sure they couldn’t believe their luck. They had a willing sexy whore to do as they wanted with. They had won the lottery. My pussy dripped thinking about it. 

A few of them picked me up and laid me down on my back on the huge dining room table. Straps were attached to my thighs and they were pulled wide apart. Ropes from the straps were attached to the legs of the table, holding me wide open. My bum was positioned right on the edge of the table which was obviously to give them access to my arse. My hands were cuffed together behind my head as I lay down, and the rope tied to the legs at the other end of the table. I loved it. It was intoxicating being so powerless. I was ready to be gangbanged.

‘Take a look at the men who will be fucking you tonight Lisa’ said Ted. I looked around. They were all in suits. They were all shapes and sizes. This would be the only way they would ever get prize pussy like mine. Most looked to be around Ted’s age, a few even older. I swear there were a few who could have been pushing 70. That just seemed to add to the humiliation, being fucked by old men with fat guts. How deliciously humiliating. It didn’t matter what age they were or what they looked like. I was their whore for the night.

Ted then attached a blindfold to me. It was all about to start. I heard Ted say, nothing like a bit of pussy to go with an expensive Champagne. I felt the champagne pour over my open pussy and down over my arsehole. A tongue licked me. ‘Beautiful’, said Ted, ‘that is one tasty pussy, a lovely vintage’. I then felt the top of the champagne bottle push inside me. 

Ted pumped the bottle into me vigorously. I could feel the tingle of the bubbles. I was being fucked with a champagne bottle in front of a bunch of strange men. I should have felt embarrassed. Instead I loved the humiliation. It made me feel cheap. What had I become? I was about to have an orgasm as Ted licked my clitoris and pumped the bottle in and out of me. 

He withdrew the bottle and I felt the eruption as the champagne exploded from my cunt. I had an orgasm. ‘Look at the filthy slut, she’s cumming, what a dirty whore, she loves this’ said one of the men. 

How could I deny it? I did love it. I got off on it. It seemed Ted knew me better than I knew myself. He was truly unleashing the slut in me. He was allowing me to be exactly what I wanted to be. I truly felt like his sex slave at that moment. 

I needed cock. I wanted to be gangbanged by this bunch of strangers. I wanted them to use me in whatever way they wished. Over the next few hours, yes it went for a few hours at least, I was fucked in my cunt and arse over and over, sucked more cocks than I could count, had men come in my mouth, cunt, arsehole, and all over me. I swear I had multiple cocks in my cunt at one stage. That was a new one for me. It felt fucking awesome. I was nothing but a cheap whore.

I had multiple orgasms during the gangbang. I was fucked so many times. I had been used multiple times by all the men. I loved not knowing who was using me. I loved it when a new cock entered one of my holes. I loved the cocks cumming in my mouth and all over my face. It was fucking amazing, like nothing I had ever experienced before. I had taken a step beyond anything I would have ever dreamed of doing. There would be no turning back. I fucking loved it. I loved being a sextoy.

To finish things off Ted removed my blindfold and untied me from the table, and he and the ugliest, fattest, hairiest man in the room DP’d me on the floor. I had the fat guy underneath me with his cock in my cunt and Ted behind me up my arse. Having two cocks going in and out of me in front of an audience made me feel like a complete slut, and the sensation of the feeling was just incredible. 

The fat ugly man below with his cock in my cunt had his arms around me and made me kiss him. I did so willingly. It added to my humiliation. In fact, I really got off on kissing him. I could feel his hairy gut pressing up against me. Ted came inside me first, then the fat ugly man came in my cunt. Ted then stood up leaving me on top of the hairy old man. 

I kissed him passionately. It made me feel like such a dirty slut. I broke the kiss and went down and voluntarily licked and sucked his cock and balls, cleaning the sperm from them. What a turn-on it was. I was close to orgasm, and I moved my fingers to my erect clitoris and came with his hairy balls in my mouth. You should have heard the comments then. Maybe I did it just to elicit them. I loved feeling humiliated. I could only imagine what it must have looked like, this beautiful younger woman willingly performing an act like that on a fat, hairy, old man. I found the thought highly arousing.

Once the guys had finished with me and were clearly spent, they got dressed and left. They all thanked Ted profusely, again not a word to me. I loved it. I was nothing more than the whore they all got to fuck. I was learning that the more humiliated I was, the more turned-on I was. I wondered if there was anything I wouldn’t do.

After they left Ted said, ‘you loved that didn’t you Lisa’. I looked at him, not sure what to say. ‘Don’t fuck around with me Lisa, you loved every second of that, admit it’. ‘Yes Ted I did, I have never been more turned on in my life’ I said.

‘I could take you to all sorts of places that would meet your need for total humiliation. My club is all about sex. We have done the most outrageous things over the years. I’d love to have you there sometime and expose you to things you would never have dreamed of’ he said. I smiled at him. ‘I know you’ve worked me out. I understood that in the office today’. 

‘You are truly a spectacular woman Lisa. You are so stunningly beautiful, and you would be just at home in the top echelons of professional society, that is what makes you such an irresistible slut. Does Steve know what he’s got’ he asked. ‘I don’t think he knows the full extent of it, in fact I’m only working it out gradually myself’. 

Ted and I finished with a drink and I cleaned myself up and got dressed. I thanked him. WTF! I had just let Ted and 10 of his friends fuck me for over two hours and I was thanking him. How insatiable was I becoming? 

I left and walked down the Street to find Steve sound asleep in his car. I knocked on the window. He looked up startled and leant over and unlocked the passenger side door. ‘What time is it’ he said. I looked at my watch and it was 11pm. ‘Fuck’, he said, ‘what did you and Ted get up to’. I thought I might as well just blurt it out. ‘I have just been fucked by Ted and 10 associates from his club’. 

Steve’s jaw dropped. ’11 men’ he said in shock. I wondered what was coming next. After all, he knew I could have walked away at any time tonight. Instead he looked at me and took my hand and put it on his groin. He was rock-hard. ‘You have no idea how often I have fantasised about you getting gangbanged Lisa. it is my major turn-on. I wish I could have been there to watch’. 

A willing husband and a willing slut wife! Where was this all heading?

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