Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 6 – An Erotic Story

My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 6 – An Erotic Story

My boss Rick had removed my G-string and inserted a buttplug inside me, a condition I was to be in at all times in the office. I had then blown him to relax him before attending an important meeting, a duty I was to happily fulfil for him whenever he needed it in the future. The meeting with the potential client was offsite and he had told me that he would be going out for lunch and would not be back for the day. He told me that I would be visited by each of the Partners during the day. My imagination ran wild with expectation. 

Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 6 – An Erotic Story

I was sitting at my desk when one of the Partners, Brian, had come into my office. He asked me to stand up so he could get a good look at the new Lisa, the office slut Lisa. ‘Yes sir’ I responded. I had taken the next step in my journey.

‘You look amazing Lisa’ he said, ‘like a very classy slut’. Just the look I was hoping to achieve. ‘Thank you sir’ I responded, ‘I’m glad you like it’. He stood next to me and ran his hands over my cleavage before pulling my bra down to reveal my breasts. Who was I kidding, they were my tits. I was a slut. He ran his hands all over them and said, ‘I have always wanted to see these little babies, they are better than I could have ever imagined’.

He then put his hands between my legs and felt my embarrassingly soaking wet pussy. ‘Nice Lisa’ he said, ‘I’m looking forward to testing out what a true slut you really are on Wednesday’. Brian was to be the third Partner to use me. I couldn’t wait. Brian turned and just left me standing there. It was so humiliatingly thrilling. He made me feel just how I wanted. I wondered what he had in store for me on Wednesday. 

I was visited during the day by all the Partners, who took various forms of liberties with me. There was no fucking though, mainly just groping and checking out my body. Two were very memorable though.

One of the partners, Dave, was a real lady’s man. He was single and everybody knew he played the field. He was a very hot man and had no problem pulling women. He was quite arrogant and full of himself. He was the one I had the most trepidation about being used by. I knew he would push me to my limits. 

After feeling my tits and my arse, complimenting me on both in the crudest possible manner, which I loved by the way, he told me to bend over the desk, lift my skirt and spread my legs. ‘Yes sir’ I responded, my standard response to any request from the Partners. I was their dutiful sex slave after all. I realised that Dave was to be the first of the Partners to discover that my arse was plugged. Why did it have to be him? I knew he would have a ball with it. ‘Love the slutplug’ he said, ‘how appropriate’.

That’s what it would be to me forever more – my slutplug. I loved it. He ran his hands all over me and fingered my wet pussy. ‘Has that been used today’ he asked. ‘No sir’ I responded, wondering what would come next. I didn’t really care. I just wanted some release. ‘I need a taste of that beautiful cunt of yours Lisa’ he said. I loved him calling it a cunt. I loved having a cunt.

‘Lay back on the desk and spread your legs for me’ he said. What a slutty position. I eagerly did as I was told. There I was, my skirt around my waist, no knickers on, and my legs spread wide exposing my beautiful shaved cunt to him. It felt so deliciously naughty. Dave got down on his haunches and I felt his tongue at my open pussy. He started by licking me up and down, savouring every centimetre of it. He was really into it. ‘You taste incredible Lisa’ he said, ‘you have a perfect cunt for a slut’.

I knew I did. I loved the look and taste of my own cunt. I had tasted it on Steve’s cock and fingers many times over the years. He loved fingering me and having me lick his fingers. I had done a few women for my previous boyfriend Mark and I loved the taste of pussy. It was intoxicating. It was why I never hesitated to taste myself on Steve’s cock or fingers. It always brought back erotic memories.

Dave licked me and inserted his tongue deep inside me. He made a special effort of doing that. ‘I love this cunt’ he said, ‘I could eat it all day’. I felt very proud and aroused at the compliment. He then went to work on my clitoris. I almost came as soon as his tongue touched it. My body jerked slightly, and I let out a sigh. Dave backed off and went back to eating my open cunt, refusing to give me the orgasm that I so desperately wanted.

He stood up and said, ‘not now sweetheart, we will finish this tonight in front of Steve’. ‘I want him to see how a real man eats pussy’. Dave was to be the first partner to use me. Excitement ripped through my body at the thought of him doing that in front of Steve. I craved an audience, any audience, particularly my husband. The thought of it was exhilarating. 

The other memorable incident was with one of the Partners by the name of Tony. Tony was a lovely guy and had always been so nice to me. He was actually quite shy for a lawyer, a real sweetheart. I was looking forward to him the most. I knew I would go out of my way to give him the experience of a lifetime. Tony walked into the office and said, ‘you look so beautiful Lisa’.

I could tell he truly meant it. He then said, ‘are you ok with all this Lisa, I wouldn’t want to see you forced to do anything you don’t want to do’. ‘Relax Tony’ I said, ‘this is my choice’. ‘I don’t know if I can do it’ he said. ‘I don’t think you’re a slut, I just think you are a lovely, beautiful woman, I have always thought that’. 

I stood up and said, ‘come here babe’. He walked over to me and I took him in my arms and gave him a deep, passionate kiss, which he returned like a true lover. It was a beautiful moment. I had always liked Tony. He was another hottie too, tall and slender. It was later in the day and the taste of Rick was well and truly gone by then. As we were kissing, I moved my hand to his groin. He had not done anything other than put his arms around me to that point, no groping, no feeling my arse, not like the others. He was rock hard, and it was huge. I wanted it, I wanted to please him so much. 

‘Let me ease your fears and show you what a slut I can be’ I said to him. With that I dropped to my knees unzipped him and released his monster. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. It was the most impressive cock I had ever seen, long, thick and veiny like a true athlete, and it belonged to a tender, gorgeous man. I just wanted to devour it. Devour it I did.

I gave Tony no chance to pull away, knowing that he was a bit shy and awkward. I opened my mouth and moved it down his shaft, taking almost his entire length. It was too big to get it all in. I knew that once I had his cock inside my mouth it would be the point of no return for him. I was right.

Tony relaxed and sighed in ecstasy as I fellated him expertly. I loved the taste of his cock, I loved the texture, it was very special. I pulled down my bra and released my breasts to give him an extra thrill. With Tony, they were breasts, not tits. He just felt like a lover. ‘Feel free to touch them babe’ I said to him, removing my mouth from his cock.

Tony had lost his inhibitions and his hands went straight to my breasts. He ran his hands all over them and he gently caressed my nipples. ‘Squeeze them’ I said, ‘squeeze your slut’s nipples’. ‘I want to be a slut for you’ I said looking into his eyes. Tony had crossed the line now. He wanted to use me. ‘Get that cock back in your mouth and suck it slut’ he said. ‘Yes sir’ I responded enthusiastically. I had him just where I wanted him. I was now his slut.

I asked him to sit down on my desk chair and I then pulled his pants down to his ankles. He took off his shoes and stepped out of his pants. He was really getting into this. He then laid back against the chair ready to enjoy my mouth. His erect cock and shaved scrotum were right there in front of my eyes. He looked and smelt quite magnificent. Tony obviously kept himself groomed for his wife, a gorgeous lady I knew quite well. I hoped she wouldn’t mind.

I even hoped that if I loosened Tony up a bit, she may the beneficiary in their love making. Most women like their men to take the lead more than they realise. A lot of women have a submissive side that goes unsatisfied. If only men knew that they would never feel a need to stray. If only they understood that their wives like to be their little slut sometimes. We like to be lusted after by our men. It makes us feel sexy and confident. Men are so dumb. Everything could be so easy if they ever got it. Everybody would be satisfied.

I went to work on Tony, licking his balls and sucking them, sometimes one at a time, sometimes together. I ran my hand up and down his cock as I was doing it. I ran my tongue over Tony’s perineum. I could tell he liked it. Steve always did. I then went further than I had ever gone for a man and moved my tongue to his arsehole. If there was ever any doubt in Tony’s mind as to what a slut I could be it must have vanished at that moment. I wondered what he would do.

I don’t even know why I did it. I was just intoxicated by him and it seemed so natural. He groaned as my tongue licked at his arsehole. He then put his legs over the arms of the chair spreading himself as wide as he could. I knew what he wanted. I was surprised, but very happy to do it for him. The smell and taste of his arse was different, but in no way offensive. It had its own uniqueness.

I extended my tongue as far as I could against his arsehole and pushed it forward. I felt it go slightly inside him. I licked and licked the inside of his anus and he held my head ensuring I wasn’t going to stop. He was masturbating as I did it. ‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck’ he kept saying. Clearly, I was giving him an experience like he had never had before. I was giving him something that I had never given anybody before for that matter, not even Steve. It was a very special and highly arousing moment.

‘I’m coming, I’m coming Lisa’ he said. I quickly lifted my head and took his cock back into my mouth and slid it up and down his length at few times, taking him as deeply as I could. He exploded with a ferocity that was like nothing I had ever experienced. His cum poured into my mouth and I struggled to keep it all in. I had to swallow some as he came as there was too much for my mouth to hold. I thought it would never end. I loved it. His cum tasted magnificent on my tongue and the roof of my mouth. I savoured it. 

After the endless stream finally reduced to a trickle I looked at his face and opened my mouth to show him how much cum there was inside and then swallowed it like a true slut. I have never seen a look of contentment on a man like that in my life. Whether it was because it was me, or whether it was because of the act I had performed on him, or even a combination of both, I wasn’t sure.

What I did know though was that I had learnt a new trick that I would definitely use again at the right time and in the right circumstances. A girl feels a special sense of satisfaction in pleasing a man like that, particularly when that girl loves to be used. It is the thing about being used. Yes, the submissiveness is intoxicating, but the ultimate reward is the satisfaction of the man. That was how I felt anyway, and I had just delivered that for Tony, in spades.

We got up, Tony put his clothes back on, and we pulled ourselves together. Tony didn’t say a word. I was wondering what he was thinking. He looked at me longingly and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me deeply, not seeming to care at all that he would be tasting himself as he kissed me. ‘I adore you Lisa’ he said, ‘I have never experienced anything like that in my life’. ‘I can’t wait to see you on Friday’. ‘I will do everything in my power to give you the satisfaction that you have just given me, you have my word on that’ he said.

I could tell he meant it. Bugger, I thought, I would have to wait all week. He was the last Partner on the list. It would be a Friday though, so we could make the most of it as we would not have to go to work the following day. It just seemed right. I would look forward to it all week. The anticipation factor was a special bonus.

What a day. The first day in my new life as the office slut had been close to perfect. It had certainly ended perfectly. I couldn’t wait to tell Steve everything at home tonight, yes everything, that was our deal.

I hurried home to talk to Steve. I knew Dave was coming around and I wanted to put everything on the table before he got there. I knew Steve would then be doubly aroused. I wanted him aroused for Dave’s visit. I knew that Dave would not go easy on me and I didn’t want Steve having any problems with it. It is amazing how liberal a man can be when he is in a heightened state of arousal, even with his wife. I had to get Steve into that state, and I knew my story of the day would do just that. I knew he would be dying to share me after I told him everything. 

Steve’s eyes just about bulged out of his head when I told him about the events of the day, particularly the session with Tony. ‘Why haven’t you ever done that for me’ he said with a slight look of jealousy. ‘I don’t really know darling, it has never struck me before’. ‘Maybe it is the feeling of being a slut that brought it out in me’. ‘Maybe it was to bring Tony out of his shell, as he was so nervous’. ‘Anyway, I’m sure you will be the beneficiary of my new-found skill’ I said.

‘I could fuck you right now’ he said, standing up to show me the bulge in his pants. ‘Sorry lover, but I have to be clean for Dave’. ‘He made a major point of that before licking my pussy, sorry, my cunt, in the office today’. ‘You can have me after he goes, sloppy seconds eh, what do you think about that’. ‘I love it’ he said, ‘I am going to fuck you in whatever hole Dave cums in after he leaves’. I loved the thought of that.

I went upstairs to have a shower and get myself all done up for Dave. I wanted to look adorable, fuckable, and like a classy slut. I knew he had fucked many women over the years, and I wanted to be at the top of his list. What to wear? 

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