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My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 10 – An Erotic Story

Brian’s Whore

I had on the perfect outfit to be Brian’s whore tonight, my third scheduled Partner of the week. The previous night I had been gangbanged by Ted and his clan. Earlier today I had enjoyed the most wonderful lesbian experience of my life with Diana. When I returned to the office Rick had me model my new crotchless panties for him. Of course, he couldn’t keep his hands off me. 

Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica  My New Life As A Used Wife Ch. 10 – An Erotic Story

Brian had booked a room at an upmarket hotel in the city and wanted to pay me for sex. He could have had it for free, but tonight he wanted me to be a fantasy escort that he paid for sex. I loved the thought. It was a very sexy theme he had come up with.

I wore a very short silver dress with a plunging neckline, a white half-cut bra and a white G-string, topped off with silver stilettos. I went for the bare leg look, always very sexy with a short dress. I went on line and had a look at a few sites with images of high-class escorts. They were all heavily made-up around the eyes with lots of red lipstick to highlight their lips. They used black eyeshadow to darken them. As I did my lips, I thought for the first time about having my lips accentuated. I wanted them to be more prominent, sluttier looking. I felt excited at the thought.

Diana had given me, yes given me, a long, slightly wavy blonde wig. It may well have been her way of saying thank you for the wonderful sex we had at her boutique earlier in the day. She told me she used one just the same from time to time and that it was perfect for the whore look. I had told her about my date with Brian tonight. I was about to meet a man and accept money for sex. I might as well go the whole hog and look like a complete whore, a very classy one though. As I was Brian’s fantasy whore, I left the slutplug in my handbag. It would be too easy for him to associate that with Lisa. Tonight, I was his fantasy paid whore, not Lisa.

As I walked out of the office one of the guys that I knew looked at me wondering what was going on. Why there was a prostitute in the office? I honestly don’t think he knew who it was. I had arranged for Steve to accompany me in a cab and to wait in the hotel bar while Brian had his two hours using me. It was Brian’s idea. He wanted me to turn up with my pimp. He was playing this to the hilt. I quite liked it. It was a very sexy thing to do. 

When Steve saw me, he couldn’t believe his eyes. ‘You look so fuckable’ he said, ‘you couldn’t look more like a professional escort if you tried, I love it. I’d love to take you out looking like that’. ‘I’m sure you will get to do that darling’ I responded with a naughty smile on my face. 

Steve and I walked into the lobby of the hotel and went up the escalator to the first floor where the bar was. We knew the hotel. If anybody had been behind me, they would have got a good look at my arse. The dress was very short. It was quite incredible how horny I felt considering my earlier sexual liaison with Diana. Brian’s idea had made me forget that for the moment and focus on tonight. I was wet at the thought of being a paid whore. 

We got to the bar and Steve went and sat on a stool, all suited up of course, looking ultra-sharp, like a pimp. There were quite a few people there. It was a businessman’s hotel so most would have been from interstate. You should have seen the looks I got, especially when Steve kissed me on the cheek and then left me standing there. Every man in the bar was looking at me. 

I stood at the bar and Brian came in. He walked up to me and said loudly enough for the people close by to hear, ‘you must be Victoria’. I liked it – Victoria, very appropriate for a high-class hooker. That is what every person in the bar would have assumed I was.

Brian asked me if I would like a drink and what I would like. ‘Bubbles would be nice’ I said. Surely that is what a high-class escort would drink. Brian and I did a pretty good job of looking as though we had just met. He asked me about myself and I asked him what he did for a job. I never really understood what Brian did as the Compliance Partner, so the conversation was quite engaging. As we were having our champagne Brian kept insisting that I drink water. ‘It’s good for you’ he kept saying. 

After we finished our drink Brian pulled his wallet from his back pocket and said, ‘do I pay you now’? Anybody watching, and I’m sure everybody was, would have been left in no doubt what was going on, particularly as I gently pushed the hand holding his wallet away, took his other hand and said, ‘we can discuss that upstairs sweetheart’. 

Again, it was just loud enough for anybody sitting at the bar close by to hear. We were both playing it beautifully. This was fun. I was enjoying the role-play, it brought out the actress in me. To finish it all off I looked at Steve and held his glance for about 10 seconds. He then nodded and off I went with Brian. No doubt to the patrons what was going on. 

We got to the lift and I went to say something, believing that the roleplay could be paused, that we could at least acknowledge one another. Before the words came out Brian said, ‘do you want to discuss your services and the prices upstairs Victoria’? Brian was staying in character. We were going to play this all the way through. I loved the idea. I didn’t know Brian could be so creative.  

‘Let’s get to the room, sit down and have a drink, and we can talk about it there. Oh, by the way your two hours doesn’t start until we have agreed on what services you wish me to provide’ I said. The look on Brian’s face was priceless. I am sure he was worried that I would go out of character and try and be normal Lisa once we left the bar. He didn’t need to worry. For the next two hours I was Victoria, his escort, his whore.

We got out of the lift on the 21st floor and walked along the corridor to room 2120. Brian had started to look a little nervous. Playing a role and staying in character is not as easy as you think. Steve and I had tried it before, and we always struggled to maintain it. To break the ice, he said, ‘you are a stunning woman Victoria, how long have you been doing this for’. ‘This is my first week’ I responded. It was true that it was my first week as a slut, as a whore. ‘Don’t worry’ I said, ‘I know just how to please a man, you are in for a great night, relax and let me look after your every whim’. 

We got into the room and Brian took a small bottle of champagne out of the bar fridge. He poured two glasses and handed me one. We both sat on the edge of the bed. It was a beautiful room and it had a balcony. It must have been costing him a pretty penny. He obviously thought I was worth it. I was determined to prove him correct. 

‘Tell me about your services’ he said. ‘It’s $500 for straight sex and anything on top of that will cost extra’. I know a real high-class escort would charge much more for two hours, but this was a roleplay and I didn’t want him to have to pay too much. Frankly, I would have done it for nothing. It had to be enough though. I thought $500 was a reasonable middle-ground. ‘Is there anything special you have in mind’ I asked? 

Brian then hit me with his requests. Although we were roleplaying, he was a Partner and was therefore able to use me in any way he wished, and I knew there was nothing I could refuse. I wondered how bold he would be. He then said, ‘how much for oral and anal’? It will be an extra $100 for each’ I responded. ‘What does straight sex include’ he then asked me? ‘Straight sex is a girlfriend experience, we make love and you can kiss me, touch me anywhere and perform oral on me if you like’. 

‘I have a special request’ he said. ‘And what is that honey’ I said in my best whore impersonation. ‘I would like a golden shower’ he said. That took me back a bit. I didn’t mind doing it. It was very kinky, and it appealed to me. I was just surprised that it came from Brian. I had never found him to be a particularly exciting man. How my view about that was changing. You should never judge a book by its cover.

‘How do you want it and when do you want it in the service’ I responded, trying to pretend it was no big deal. ‘I would like to do it first’ he said. ‘I would like us to have a shower together and you can give me the golden shower there’. ‘That will be an additional $100’ I said. I was to receive $800 for straight sex, oral, anal, and a golden shower. Brian was going to go the whole way. I was his whore and he was about to have the experience of a lifetime. In my headspace everything I did was aimed at pleasing the man. I got off on that.

‘How do you want to start’ I said, putting down my champagne glass. ‘Can I undress you’ he said. ‘Sure honey, I’m all yours’ I responded. I thought honey was what all hookers would call their clients. Brian put his champagne glass down and took me by the hand and lifted me to my feet. He kissed me. He kissed me passionately. He couldn’t get enough of me. I enjoyed the attention. He then unzipped the back of my dress and it fell to the floor. 

He saw my half-cup bra and went straight for my tits, touching them, then kissing them and gently sucking my nipples. He then unhooked my bra, before pulling my G-string to the floor. I was standing there in only my black stilettos. Brian got down on his knees and undid my ankle straps. He kissed me on each foot as he took them off my feet. He was clearly into me, Victoria. I was naked. Brian then undressed. He was very erect. I took it in my hand and said, ‘let’s have that shower honey’. I just remembered – the wig. I removed it before getting in the shower. 

I was really enjoying this. I loved the roleplay and I loved the feeling of being paid for sex. I felt so naughty. What an easy way to make money, I thought. Brian stepped into the shower and turned on the water and got the temperature right. ‘Come and join me’ he said. I stepped in and got under the water with him. It felt lovely. 

Brian got the soap and started soaping me all over, paying particular attention to my tits, arse and pussy. I picked up the soap, rubbed it between my hands and lathered up his firm chest, gently squeezing his nipples as I did it. ‘That feels great’ he said. I then rubbed the soap between my hands again and went to work on his arse and cock. 

As I ran my hands between his bum cheeks, I placed the tip of my index finger at his arsehole. He didn’t flinch so I pushed it in. ‘Oh fuck, that feels so good’ he said. ‘Thought you would like it’ I responded, figuring that this was probably the first time anybody had ever done that for him. I knew Steve loved it when I did that. 

I could never understand why so many women wouldn’t do it for their men. Most of we women like it so why wouldn’t a man. I think it comes down to the homophobia issue. Some women seem to struggle with that as much as, if not more than, men. Brian kept on massaging my body all over. ‘You have an amazing body Victoria’ he said. 

When all the soap was washed off, Brian turned off the water. ‘What about the golden shower’ I asked. ‘I want to see you piss, it will get disguised under the water’ he said. It was a very large multiple person shower with dual shower heads. Brian got down on his haunches and then sat down. He then laid on the base of the shower on his back. 

‘I want you to squat above my face and do it there’ he said, now sounding quite nervous. He may have been wondering what Lisa would think of kinky Brian when we next saw each other in the office. I hadn’t expected him to want the golden shower there. I thought he would probably want me to piss on his cock or his chest or something like that, not over his face. How naughty. To relax him I said, ‘it’s the perfect position honey, that’s where all the men like it’.

I did as he instructed and squatted just above his face. He couldn’t help himself and he lifted his head from the shower base and licked my pussy. ‘Don’t do that’ I said, ‘I need to concentrate to make it come out’. It was true, just squatting and pissing was no simple matter, particularly if you are aroused. After the water and champagne I didn’t think I would have a problem though. It struck me at that moment why Brian had insisted I drink so much water. Clever bastard.

I squatted and pushed. Nothing happened. I tried and tried. I was close. All of a sudden out it came, a huge stream of golden urine, Brian’s golden shower. I looked down between my legs to see the piss flowing from my cunt. Brian had his mouth wide open. It was splashing against his tongue and inner mouth and running out all over his chin, cheeks and neck. I couldn’t stop watching him, as well as the flow of urine. I understood why he wanted to lay underneath me and watch. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it either. It looked so spectacular.

It was so erotic and naughty. I was feeling very turned-on. He closed his mouth at one stage, shut his eyes, and let my warm piss splash all over his face as he moved his head around. It just kept flowing and flowing. I looked at his cock and noticed how erect he was. He was clearly enjoying the service. 

The last droplets fell from me. Brian took them in his mouth. He swallowed. No problem with that, urine is 95% water after all. When I had totally finished, he lifted his head and licked my pussy. He savoured every last drop. ‘That was wonderful Victoria. You have no idea how many times I have asked my wife to do that. She refuses, saying that it is disgusting. Thank you’ he said. ‘I enjoyed it too’, I responded, ‘it was a very sexy thing to be able to do for you’. Wives, I thought – when will they get it. 

I turned the shower back on and Brian and I cleaned ourselves up. Brian had a look of satisfaction on his face that was hard to describe. After we dried ourselves off, Brian, like a true gentleman, brushed his teeth. ‘Let’s have a quick drink on the balcony’ he said, ‘naked’. It was a warm night and I was up for that. I then remembered the wig and put it back on. I must have looked so fuckable, naked, with a fuck-me wig on. I felt sexy and hot. ‘Could you put your heels back on too’ said Brian. Not a problem. That would finish off the hooker look perfectly.

We went out onto the balcony with our champagne and sat down. I looked around and there were lights on everywhere in the high-rise office towers around us. The balcony was large and open and very visible. I liked that. I couldn’t help wondering if anybody could see us. Maybe there was CC TV. 

I opened my legs and played with myself at the thought. Brian was stroking his penis. I had three fingers inside my cunt. I played with my nipples. Brian just watched, mesmerised. ‘Imagine all the men in those offices watching me. You have no idea how much that turns me on’ I said. I felt very sexy and aroused. 

‘How would you like me to suck your cock’ I asked him. ‘I would love that’ he responded. In my mind we were being watched. I just loved being an exhibitionist. I loved offering to suck a man’s cock too. It’s what they all want, and it always made me feel a little submissive and naughty.   

I knelt in front of Brian and took his erection between my lips and then took its length into my mouth. Brian had his back to the balcony door. My back was facing the office tower windows. I spread my legs as far as I could imagining I was being watched, and that a whole lot of men could see my open, wet cunt. 

I hungrily devoured Brian’s cock with my very warm mouth, whilst playing with my clitoris. I was putting on a show for him and the imaginary men watching. I was in a heightened state of arousal and I came. While I was cumming Brian said, ‘that is fantastic Victoria’, as my mouth opened around his cock. Steve always loved me having his cock in my mouth as I came. He told me it was the most wonderful feeling. Brian didn’t come though. He had other plans.

After I came down, his cock still in my mouth, he said ‘how would you like to give me that anal service out here’. Fuck yes, that was exactly what I wanted, to be fucked up the arse while all the people in the office towers watched. Nobody would know who I was, especially with my hooker wig on. I imagined that I was being watched by multiple sets of prying eyes. I even hoped somebody was taking photos of me.

Brian had me lean on my elbows over the table outside, looking away from the room. ‘Look straight ahead’ he said, ‘look at all those horny men watching you, look them in the eye’. I was so fucking aroused at the thought. I knew that Brian would have no trouble getting his cock into my moist arsehole. He used his fingers first to open me up. I could feel how wet it was. I then felt his cock at the opening, and he pushed forward. He was inside. It felt wonderful. 

I clenched my teeth in ecstasy, imagining the men in the office towers watching my face as I got fucked from behind, assuming I was being fucked up the arse. There were residential towers as well. I knew that some people had telescopes. My imagination was working overtime. I lifted my torso so anybody watching could see my swaying tits as Brian pummelled my arse like a man possessed.  

It was a highly erotic situation and my exhibitionist self was getting right off on it. I felt Brian’s cock tense inside me after holding back for quite some time. He had been fucking me for a number of minutes. It gave me enough time to get aroused enough to have another orgasm. I wanted those men to watch my face as I came. I rubbed two fingers over my clitoris as I felt Brian’s cock tensing. He was about to come and so was I. I just needed another 30 seconds or so. I knew I would go off once he started coming inside me. I didn’t want to come before then.

‘Oh, oh, oh fuck’, I heard from Brian. I then felt it. I felt the lava erupt from him and flow inside my open arse. Fuck, I loved cum shooting in my arse. It was the most amazing feeling. He kept coming, it was fucking intense. As he did, I came again. I looked up at all the men and screamed, yes, yes, cum in my arse, cum in my whore arsehole. I was on fire. I loved putting on the show, even if it was possibly for an imaginary audience. I came so hard, even more so than when I had been sucking Brian’s cock. I had become an exhibitionist. Nothing turned me on more than being fucked before an audience, and the more the merrier. It was to become something I craved.

Brian and I kissed, and I thanked him. Hang on, he should be thanking me, I was the whore who had provided the service after all. It was just that I had loved doing it so much. I loved the roleplay, I loved the anonymity of it, I loved the exhibitionism. 

Brian and I went inside, had another champagne and jumped into bed. We had an hour left and he wanted to make love to me. It seemed so right. We kissed, touched each other tenderly, and Brian couldn’t stop eating my pussy. He kept telling me how wonderful I tasted. I loved him saying that. A girl likes her pussy to taste just right. I had another orgasm as he enjoyed me. He came back to life during our lovemaking and fucked me and came inside my pussy. He had managed to come inside all my holes in a two-hour period. Brian was quite the dark-horse.

When we went back downstairs to the bar, Brian kissed me good bye, then turned around and walked back to the lift. ‘Thanks Victoria’ he said. We had stayed in character for the whole night, even when we were making love. I had left my wig on in bed to stay as Victoria. I walked over to Steve. I had a very naughty thought. I handed him the money. There were still a few people who had been there earlier. I wanted to seal the deal and leave them in no doubt as to what had transpired tonight. 

Steve took the money without saying a word, which was perfect for the scene, and we walked out of the bar together and transcended the escalator to get a cab home. He was very turned-on when I explained what had transpired with Brian. ‘Maybe I could hire you one night’ he said. If only he knew what was going through my mind.

I found the prostitute thing very exciting. I enjoyed the acting too, which is what roleplaying is. Who knows, maybe I could do some high-class escorting in the future. The thought turned me on very much. I loved sex, and I loved having strange men use me, why not make some money out of it? 

Maybe escorting would give me the continual excitement I craved. Maybe golden showers could become my specialty. I was getting more and more aroused at the prospect of pissing in front of an audience. I didn’t know how, or even if, that could happen, but I knew I wanted to do it. I knew how sexy it looked as I watched myself pissing on Brian. I knew how sexy it would look to an audience.

In my first week as Company slut there were three days down and two to go. What a week I was having!

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