Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories GAY MALE SEX STORIES LGBTQ  Four Black Walls – A Gay Erotica Winning Story

Four Black Walls – A Gay Erotica Winning Story

Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories GAY MALE SEX STORIES LGBTQ  Four Black Walls – A Gay Erotica Winning Story

The olive-toned skin glistened with a light sheen of sweat and was stretched taut over lean muscles. There was a light dusting of dark hair that covered the chest, arms and legs. Those perfectly sculpted limbs, in his opinion, quaked with anticipation. He hummed softly, the sound loud in the otherwise silent room. The body he’d been admiring startled at the noise, the smooth chest heaving with a few frantic breaths. 

Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories GAY MALE SEX STORIES LGBTQ  Four Black Walls – A Gay Erotica Winning Story

His pet. His partner. His love. His Carter. He reached forward to slowly drag his fingertips down Carter’s throat and in between his pecs, the calluses on his fingers snagging on the unmarred skin. Carter’s breath hitched and he squirmed as if he were trying to get closer and farther away at the same time. Knowing he wanted a firmer touch, Roman pressed his hand firmly to his chest and dragged it down his stomach only stopping when he felt the silk of his boxer briefs. His hips thrust up and he whimpered, but made no other move or sound. Always so well behaved. 

Roman glanced briefly at Carter’s hands where they rested against crimson cotton sheets. Exactly where he’d placed them and told him to leave them when they’d come in here. His lips curled into a satisfied grin before looking up at his face. Such a beautiful face. Chiseled jaw and high cheekbones with a single dimple on his left cheek visible even without a smile. His unruly black hair was hanging over his forehead and ears. 

Roman’s absolute favorite physical trait of his lovers that wasn’t that luscious ass were his stormy, gray eyes. They were so expressive. So alive. They burned when he was angry, shimmered like diamonds when he was focused or upset, and his favorite of all was when they were nearly as black as night, his pupils flared wide with pleasure to the point there was only a sliver of gray left. Just like they would be now. If they’d been open that is. 

His Carter always listened so well. If he told him to keep still he would. If he told him to not make a sound, he’d remain silent. If he told him to keep his eyes closed, he’d squeeze them shut until otherwise told. But only in this room of course. Outside these four black walls the two of them were equals. 

Roman cooked three of the seven nights, mostly because he was rather terrible at it, and Carter cooked the other four. They would take turns cleaning: mopping, sweeping, laundry, and the dishes. Such a domestic life they led outside this room. Inside this room; however, Roman had complete control. 

His grin grew into a full-blown smile as he slowly stood to his feet to remove his button up. He took his time to fold it, and then set it atop the cherry oak dresser. The four sconces, one on each wall, illuminated the room in a soft, orange glow. It was the perfect amount of light for them to still be able to see, but low enough that their other senses were heightened to bring them the ultimate pleasure. 

Humming a soft tune, Roman slid open the top right drawer and rummaged through it. Only when his hands closed on the item he was searching for did he pull it out. Gathering the treasures in his arms, he made his way back to the four poster bed being sure to make no noise. 

The first thing he set down beside his lover’s thigh, making sure to brush his knuckles against the feverish skin, was a small black bottle of lube. Then he placed a silicone ring next to the bottle, this time teasingly swiping his knuckles against the throbbing bulge straining against the silk. Carter cried out and thrust up at that, wordlessly begging for more. 

He tisked softly, giving Carter’s twitching thigh a swift smack. The sound echoed throughout the room, and the moan that followed made Roman’s chest burn and his cock jump in his jeans. He’d never tire of those sounds. Answering with his own throaty moan, he set the last thing he’d picked and placed it besides the ring: a silver teardrop plug. It wasn’t anything over the top or excessive, it was something that would be just enough for his pet to feel the stretch and keen for something thicker and longer. Something Roman would not bless him with unless he begged for it. 

Sucking in a deep breath, he loosely placed his hands around Carter’s ankles, and slid them up slowly until his thumb touched the edges of the barrier keeping him from his prize. Roman bent forward, tracing the length of the clothed cock with his lips as he fanned his hot breath over it. It twitched and throbbed, pushing against the silk to get closer to the heat pouring from his mouth. 

A pleased rumble vibrated in his chest as he brushed his tongue back over the path his lips had just taken. Roman suddenly found himself rather displeased with the damn silk hiding the rest of his pet from him, so he grasped the elastic and ripped it down and off Carter’s legs. His cock sprang up and smacked his lower stomach, the red mushroomed head weeping for attention. “Please, please, please…” the words were a whispered rush that fell from his pet’s lips like a prayer. 

The brief thought of punishment crossed his mind, but he was just as eager so he instead flattened his tongue and licked from the base to the head. Carter gave a sharp yelp and then shouted a curse when he swallowed him to the root. Roman made sure to hollow his cheeks and trace random patterns against the smooth skin with his tongue in between sucks as he bobbed his head up and down. He slid a hand along his inner thigh, up and down in teasing strokes before gently cupping his balls. The legs under his chest spread further, and then he dropped his knees open to give Roman better access. 

He hummed in approval and gave his balls a soft squeeze as a reward. With his unoccupied hand, Roman discreetly snatched up the cock ring. He gave one last, long suck, tracing the tip of his tongue along the seam of the head before releasing it altogether with a pop. Carter whined at the loss, his hips undulating. His lips were moving rapidly, begging most likely, but Roman didn’t hear a sound. “Keep quiet, pet,” he reminded him. 

Carter squeezed his eyes shut even tighter, biting into his bottom lip roughly. Giving him a slow, gentle tug, Roman stood to his full height. He squirted a dab of lube on his fingertip and coated the inside of the ring minimally. With slow, precise movements, he rolled the ring onto Carter’s cock and firmly settled it at the base. A shudder shook Carter’s entire body, and his fingers twitched but didn’t move from their spot. 

“There now,” he murmured. “Roll over. Onto your knees. Present yourself to me.” The command was followed instantly. Without opening his eyes, Carter shifted onto his hands and knees, making sure he remained in the center of the bed. He lay his head on the pillow, chest pressed into the mattress, and his ass high in the air. Growling softly, Roman gave each cheek a firm slap before soothing it with gentle rubs. He spread them after another few spanks that had his skin cherry red, and brushed a feather light touch to the clenching muscle there. 

There was the sound of a sharp inhalation and his body went rigid in anticipation. Roman chuckled deeply as he undid his pants and kicked them off before coming to kneel behind him, his knees sinking into the mattress. He took up the lube once more, squirting a generous amount onto his index and middle finger. Slowly he circled the ring of muscle, teasingly dipping a fingertip in a few times and then sunk his entire finger in. He moaned at the heat surrounding the appendage. It would feel heavenly encasing his aching cock…

Roman gently pressed in his second finger, thrusting in and out before beginning to scissor them. Prepping the loosening muscles for something a little bigger. When Carter was keening wordless pleas, Roman took up the butt plug and again coated it with as little lube as he deemed safe. He placed the metal toy where it was meant to go, and grinned when his pet jumped at the cool, foreighn feeling. 

With one hand still keeping a cheek spread, he pressed the toy in ever so slowly, watching with rapt attention as Carter’s body eagerly accepted it. They played like this for a seemingly endless moment. Roman depriving his love’s body of what it wanted, and Carter begging for much more than what little he was willing to give. Finally, after the beautiful man under him was hoarsely begging, his body quaking with pure need, did he give in. 

Tossing the butt plug away, not caring that it landed on the wooden floor with a loud clatter, Roman slid on a thin rubber. He roughly pulled Carter back so he was on both his hands and knees. With a firm, punishing grip on his hips, Roman languidly pushed the head of his cock against his entrance. 

There was some resistance at first, his lover groaning his pleasure under him, but then it suddenly gave and he sunk into the hilt. Roman’s head fell back and his eyes rolled in utter bliss. The searing heat encased his cock to perfection, and when Carter rolled his hips, urging him on, pleasure raced up his spine and made his balls tighten. With a grunt, Roman reached forward to wrap a hand around Carter’s neck, his other still firmly on his hip. He set a punishing pace, just as he always did. His eyes couldn’t remove themselves from the sight of him entering his lover over and over and over. It was mesmerizing. 

Their cries filled the room, mixing with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. The haze of ecstasy was nearly overwhelming as the coil in Roman’s loins curled tighter and tighter. He barely heard his love begging for the release he himself was so close to achieving. With immense difficulty Roman reached around and tugged off the cock ring in the same moment he gave a particularly violent thrust. 

Carter screamed his release, his back arching and the heat swallowing Roman’s cock began to milk him for all he was worth. He roared his release only moments later. After a deep breath and a shake of his head, he found he was unable to keep himself upright as his muscles went lax. The pair fell to the bed in a tangle of limbs, chests heaving in much needed air. 

They murmured sweet nothings to one another as their sweat began to cool uncomfortably against their skin. Sitting up, Roman gently slid from his partner and took care of himself before returning with a warm rag to soothe the aches of his love. Carter lazily smiled up at him, his eyes briefly opening to reveal those stormy gray eyes he adored so much. His pupils were still blown wide, giving him only a smidge of color to admire. He hummed softly and brought the man into his arms, resting his chin on the mountain of curls atop his head. 

Staring at the black wall in front of him with the glowing orange light, Roman couldn’t help but be thankful. Thankful for the man in his arms and the love they shared. And thankful for the room that allowed them all the time in the world to just be together. No interruptions. No distractions. Just the two of them and these four black walls.

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