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Financial Infidelity

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Articles  Financial Infidelity

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Whats yours is mine and whats mine is mine?”
This type of thinking is the stem of many financial problems in relationships. Many people in relationships adapt the idea “I work hard for my money so I do with it as I please.” However, not telling your partner what you do with your money is what I refer to as Financial Infidelity.

We are seriously living in a time when both men and women in relationships are usually hard working individuals. These days, both men and women aim to be financially independent. While dating, couples talk about everything! Couples are comfortable to talk about future plans, goals, where to live, children but when it comes to money, comfort level drops. Nowadays, couples share everything except their money and what they do with it.

Couples usually have an idea about each other’s financial situation and based on that they divide bills around the house. It is not uncommon to see couples decide who pays the light bill, mortgage or rent, groceries and any other bill/ living expense, without ever really knowing each other’s salary. This is when women conveniently decide to support “machismo.” We suddenly support the idea of masculine pride and along with it, the idea that men should take care of the financial needs of the household. We want men to use THEIR money to pay for most bills, since he is “the man of the house.”  And we, women,  want to use our own money to do whatever we want with it.This may even be unfair when many women earn more money then men.
In an ideal situation partners in a relationship should have a joined bank account.  There should be an awareness of each other’s salary and of where the money is going. People, don’t be oblivious to the fact that money is an important part of every relationship. When appropriate, don’t be afraid to talk about money, especially when considering marriage.

A wise man once told me that relationships are dependent on 4 C’s: Communication, Commitment, Compromise and Currency. All are equally important to the success of a relationship.

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