Relationships - Flirting  Emoji Sexting: 16 Fun Emojis to Make Any Conversation Sound Naughty

Emoji Sexting: 16 Fun Emojis to Make Any Conversation Sound Naughty

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Published: Thu, 07 Jun 2018 19:45:37 +0000

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Relationships - Flirting  Emoji Sexting: 16 Fun Emojis to Make Any Conversation Sound Naughty

Thinking about getting a little bit frisky via mobile? Why not use some emojis to really spice things up? Emoji sexting is new and fun—try it!

I’m a millennial, what can I say? If technology wants to continue to advance and give us more and more tools to express ourselves—emotionally and sexually, who am I to shy away from it?! Heck no, I’m onboard the emoji sexting train. Get your ticket NOW. C’mon, don’t be a square. Be a purple eggplant, perhaps?

Let me walk you through this slowly now, because for some of us, this might be a lot to take in. Sexting is the evolved form of phone sex. Texting + sex = sexting. Math has never been easier, folks. You get frisky and hot through text messages, but secretly you could be in the middle of a work meeting. WE DON’T KNOW! How fun is that? You throw in a tiny colorful picture to really get your message across, and DING DING DING—you’re a winner!

Pro tip: Allow yourself to laugh when emoji sexting, or just sexting at all. It’s sort of awkward and silly. If you allow yourself to have a little fun with it, it gets so much easier and more enjoyable for both parties.

What is emoji sexting?

Think of emoji sexting just as regular sex. The more comfortable you are with the other person and with yourself, the more comfortable you will be having sex with them. Confidence is key, and trust is a huge factor as well. You need to know that this person isn’t going to be sharing your intimate details with their friends, and that includes your dirty text messages. [Read: 12 flirty emojis that’ll make you a pro flirty texter in no time]

Sexting can also include sending photos and videos of yourself in nude poses or nearly nude poses. This has become increasingly popular with Snapchat allowing users to only show their photos for 10 seconds or less with a notification if the other person screenshots your photo.

This also works within the chat section of the app, and many users have begun using the Snapchat chat feature for emoji sexting. Again, it is more secretive and cannot be shared with their friends, unless they screenshot the conversation, at which point, you will be notified. [Read: How to master snapchat sexting and own your lover with your camera]

Getting frisky with emoji sexting

Technology advanced this far and allowed us to explore our sexualities even further, and it is still changing today. And who knows what emoji sexting will become in 10 years. But for now, we have emoji sexting, and it’s pretty great.

Ready to get jiggy with it? Let’s just dive right in. The following is a highly researched *scholarly, obviously* list of the top emojis used for emoji sexting.

#1 The purple eggplant. C’mon people, you can’t really be surprised! I literally mentioned it in the first paragraph, you HAD to have known it was coming! I’m not sure if I really need to explain this one to you. Check out the shape of that bad boy. Sort of… um, phallic shaped, wouldn’t you say? I think you can determine how to use this one, right? [Read: 10 easy answers to make you a penis know-it-all]

#2 The three water drops. Listen, if you can’t stand the heat–get out of the kitchen. Combine this with the purple eggplant, and you’ve got a P A R T Y! Basically, in one photo, it represents something wet and slippery, again, you’ve got a party. [Read: 17 sexy foreplay moves to get anyone hot and horny]

#3 The tongue. Maybe you’re preparing to attend an ice cream party… ? Or, you know–not. Always use tongue, ladies and gentlemen, always use tongue.

#4 The peach. IS THE BOOTY GOOD!? Heck yes, the booty is good. Let them know. Throw in a heart eyes emoji if the booty is really good. Every lady loves a good booty compliment, so never miss an opportunity during emoji sexting, to shoot this one her way!

#5 The double hands. Listen, there is a lot of you to love. They are going to need two hands, okay? Here’s a suggestion: use the double hands and the peach together at the same time. TWO HANDS/ONE BOOTY.

#6 The shocked face. Yeah, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you can use this emoji and not be remotely shocked. Put the purple eggplant beside this emoji and it will all become clear to you. Getting jiggy with it.

#7 The finger bang. There’s no cute way to say this… [Read: How to initiate sexting and make your partner hot and horny for you]

#8 The shower. You can do your best to get clean, but there is nothing clean about what you are about to do. This is another emoji that can be partnered with others, such as the purple eggplant or the peach.

#9 The camel. So, this one just makes me giggle, and it’s honestly so me. Using the camel emoji and add “ing” beside it. Get it… camels have humps… and you want to hump… This is comedy gold, people.

#10 The taco. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the taco is a vagina. There. I said it. Do with that what you want. This is another emoji that could easily be combined with some of the previously mentioned emojis, such as the purple eggplant, the water drops, the tongue, or…. the finger bang.

#11 The booty smack combo. The peach combined with the hand smack is a HOT emoji combo. Emoji sexting has never been hotter. [Read: Colorful heart emojis and what each of them really mean]

#12 The booty call combo. I’m noticing a trend here… The booty has a lot of combos.

#13 Dead face. You’re going to orgasm to the point of near death, and you’re going to love every second of it, obviously.

#14 The banana. I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. This could take the place of the purple eggplant; however, it seems that the purple eggplant has become the most popular for this use.

#15 The fire. Things are about to get hot. But maybe they already are. Put this beside the peach emoji, or in reference to her body at all, and she will lose her mind for it. Send this to a man in reference to his junk, or just him in general, and his ego is going to blow up. He is going to want you so badly. [Read: Sexy, naughty texting games to ease into sexting]

#16 The tongue face. Similar to the standard tongue emoji, the full tongue-out face is commonly used in emoji sexting to express the act of licking.

[Read: How to start sexting when you’ve never done it before]

Emoji sexting can be hot and sexy if you know how to do it correctly. Remember to have fun with it, and let loose when doing so. You will have a steamy and fun time.

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