Blog Outdoor Sex Public Sex  Dos and don’ts of hiking sex

Dos and don’ts of hiking sex

Blog Outdoor Sex Public Sex  Dos and don’ts of hiking sex

With nice weather always comes an opportunity for some wild mountain sex, so here is a little guide to safer and more enjoyable hiking sex.

Blog Outdoor Sex Public Sex  Dos and don’ts of hiking sex



1. Hit some less popular trails

It goes without saying that less popular trails equal fewer distractions. The possibility of getting caught in the act can add a layer of excitement but can also lead to embarrassing and unpleasant situations. Finding a more private spot will allow you to better focus on small enjoyable aspects of outdoor sex like the sun and breeze on your bodies, the view, sounds of nature, etc.

2. Take a picnic blanket or a light mat

You might fantasize about completely spontaneous and natural outdoor sex but doing some actual planning will considerably increase your mileage as far as hiking sex goes. Sometimes you’ll be lucky and find a nice flat rock warmed up by a few hours of direct sunshine but don’t count on it. Natural surfaces will often be too uncomfortable and dirty so taking a more sex-friendly surface cover along with you will increase your chances of a satisfying outcome.  

3. Wear simple and appropriate clothes

It is best to dress in such a way that you can expose your private parts in one or two simple steps without removing the whole item of clothing. Test how quickly you can put your clothes on/off to avoid getting stuck in an uncomfortable situation. For men, pants with zipper flies make the whole thing simpler, but for women, different positions might require different clothing.

4. Take some tissues and a hand sanitizer

Both wet and dry tissues and some hand sanitizer may be useful to help you clean up both before and after sex, making the whole experience more joyful and decreasing the risk of giving your partner and yourself any infections. Hands can get quite dirty in a natural setting so the two most important precautions are to clean up your hands before touching your sex organs and to urinate right after sex.

5. Protect your knees

Having sex on hard and rough surfaces can hurt your knees and in the spur of the moment, you might not even notice the extent of the damage. That doesn’t mean you have to wear sports knee pads; a folded t-shirt or a towel might do the trick. 

6. Try mountaintop sex

You just can’t beat the feeling of having sex on top of a mountain; with the sun, wind, and inquisitive glances of birds of prey flying around you. Find a spot that is safe from falling and preferably has some cover from the view below. The elevated position will often give you a good vantage point to spot other hikers that might be approaching before any unpleasant surprises. Safety must always come first – experiencing mountaintop sex is a good way to live but a bad way to die.



1. Do it directly on dirt/grass

Lots of bad outcomes start off as a seemingly good idea and having sex on a messy natural surface is one of them. It means exposing yourself to all sorts of unnecessary risks of infections and parasites like ticks that could be prevented with a simple act of throwing a beach towel or a blanket under yourself.

2. Don’t forget about safety

Whatever way you choose to enjoy nature, safety should always come first, the more removed the trail is from the inhabited areas the more precautions you need to take. The risk grows exponentially the less experienced you are. Even a simple walk in the countryside can get risky if you are inexperienced enough. And whenever you visit mountains, make sure to think in advance about having enough food, water, clothes and light to safely get you back.

3. Don’t litter

I guess sex can bring some of the most selfish and inconsiderate behaviors out of some people because I stumbled upon many nice spots in nature littered with things like wet tissues, condoms, and condom wrappings. Don’t be one of those people! Take a bag with you and collect your garbage so you can properly dispose of it. Things like regular tissue and toilet paper are readily biodegradable so outside the national parks you can sometimes leave some of those under a rock. However, nothing that includes synthetic materials (including most wet tissues) belongs in the natural environment.

4. Don’t forget about others

Enjoy yourself in a way that does not insult or freak other people out. An elderly couple taking their grandchildren for a walk in the park is going to be outraged to find a porn scene in a gazebo or at a viewpoint so be smart and considerate about your location choice.

5. Forget food and water

It’s not just about satisfying your after-sex munchies – having some food and water on you should be a must whenever you go hiking. Hiking requires energy and sex can further deplete your reserves so the combo can make you feel weak or lead you to make bad choices, get lost and generally endanger you. Stay on the safe side, be smart and enjoy outdoor snacks on top of a pleasant sexual afterglow.

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