Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica Free Sex Stories  Business Affairs – An Erotic Series

Business Affairs – An Erotic Series

Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica Free Sex Stories  Business Affairs – An Erotic Series

Apparently, her best friend, Ruth, found churches sexually arousing. For Jules herself, it was hotels. More specifically, hotels whilst staying away on business.

Blog EROTIC SERIALS Erotica Free Sex Stories  Business Affairs – An Erotic Series

Her current husband (her second, as it happens), had started as an affair. They had worked for the same law practice and spent many nights away on business. It was only a matter of time, and a few bottles of wine one night in particular, before they put aside any feelings of guilt they may have had towards their respective spouses and fallen into bed together. After which every night away was a smörgåsbord of passionate and erotic discoveries. They had made the mistake of allowing the affair to become more, and so ten years of marriage and two kids had dulled their sex life down to the occasional, unfulfilling quickie.

Having rekindled her career she was back in that environment and all those feelings of illicit excitement flooded back. The thrill of having sex with a man she knew she shouldn’t. Indulging her own desires whilst her husband was stuck at home looking after the mundane things of life. Driving another man wild, pleasuring him more than his own wife ever could. Maybe… It was tempting.

Her favoured hotel was the Falcon Court. It was one that she and her husband had stayed at often in their day, and if she were honest with herself, the thought of being enjoyed by another man in the same hotel, the same bed/garden/gym/lift as he had enjoyed her added another layer of icing to the cake.

She had stayed there for a couple of nights a week for nearly three months now. Initially, she had addressed these reborn stirrings buy buying a little vibrator that she kept hidden in her overnight bag. But as the weeks passed, they grew stronger as, firstly, she realised the opportunity to live them for real once again was there to be taken, and secondly, there were a number of rather hot men who also seemed to be regular guests. She decided life was too short not to. The specific moment she made the decision was actually one Sunday morning as she was laying on her back, faking an orgasm in the hope her husband would get on and come so that she could get on with the washing whilst the sun was out.

In that moment she finally let loose the inner temptress within her. She wasn’t leaving it to chance though. She was taking control. She would decide what she wanted… and she would have it.

That Monday, she had her PA make a regular three-night booking at the Falcon and spent her lunchtime in town acquiring new lingerie and a somewhat skimpier gym kit. She’d need the latter for Tuesday’s man.

You see, she had noticed other specific regular business guests at the hotel. Three with particular appeal. And they stayed on different nights, meaning she could work on them all in the hope of getting one to bite, maybe two, but hopefully all three. A varied diet is always healthier. Oh, and they all wore wedding rings.

Tonight was Tuesday. Gym guy night. He was younger than her, probably by about ten years she reckoned. But she still looked good and kept herself fit. She didn’t plan to play the long game, getting to know him over a few weeks, slowly reeling him into her bed. She desired him tonight.

She decided to play the ice maiden with him, using him for her own pleasure. (For Wednesday’s man, who was about her own age, she would play dizzt brunette easily seduced. Whilst for Thursday’s, who she also estimated to be about her own age, she was thinking more her real self; intellectual, professional woman with hidden sexual depths to be revealed by the right man.)

The gym was quiet as usual at the beginning of the week. Just her, Tuesday as she decided to call him, and two other young guys, both of whom she knew usually left by six. She could feel the eyes of all three feasting upon her body, so beautifully set-off in her new gear, whenever they thought they could snatch a quick glance without being noticed. It felt good to be so desired again.

Sure enough, at six o’clock virtually on the dot, she was alone in the gym with Tuesday. He was lying on the bench of the bench press, pushing up an impressive weight! Jules wandered across and stood beside him.

He looked up at her and smiled. She didn’t smile back.

He went to speak. She put her finger to her lips to stop him.

Then it was her turn to feast her eyes upon his body, and she liked what she saw. Very much. She especially liked the erection she could see growing in his shorts as she unashamedly ogled. She reached down and stroked it. Slowly. Up and down its full length. It felt good. Very good.

Once again, he went to speak. Once again, she silenced him. She was there to use him tonight, not talk to him.

She stripped off her clothes. Slowly, still lying vulnerable upon the bench, he took in every beautiful curve she revealed. She peeled off her top. Wearing no bra, her naked breasts stretched taut as she lifted it over her head. She pushed down her shorts with a seductive wiggle of her hips and stepped out of them. She stood before him totally naked. ‘Got you,’ she thought to herself and smiled within… staying stony faced on the outside.

She lifted one leg over him onto the floor on the opposite side of the bench and lowered herself down. She rubbed her pussy along the length of his erection, still constrained within his shorts.

Then raising herself up, Jules reached down and lifted his cock out of his shorts. She liked what she saw. She loved what she held. Good length, as solid as granite and beautifully thick. She pumped him, fully hardening him off. Her hand moving along his entire length. She fought the desire to take him into her mouth. She would keep that pleasure for another night. She teased his tip with her finger, and then slowly lowered herself onto him. She could not stop herself from giving out a heartfelt sigh of sheer pleasure as she felt each inch of his shaft enter her. 

She took him in easily, dripping wet with desire. Her naked breasts bounced to the hastening rhythm of her riding him. She allowed him to caress them. He rolled her erect nipples between his fingers, heightening her pleasure further with a touch of pain. As she felt his cock start to twitch inside her depths, she pushed his hands away, dug her fingers into his chest and fucked him hard. She felt him burst inside her, his hips thrusting high against her, as she dragged her nails down his chest and screamed out as she too came. It was the best orgasm she could recall for many a year. She was going to enjoy this one.

She lifted herself off of him. Again, she resisted licking the heady cocktail of her pussy juice and his cum off of his shaft. She simply put her gym gear back on and, without a word, left the gym, leaving him still lying on the bench, his cock, with it’s now fading erection, still naked, rather bemused.

When she walked into dinner an hour later, he was sat at a nearby table. She blanked him entirely as if nothing had happened between them. She hoped he was watching the wiggle of her pert arse as she passed. She had selected the jeans purposely. As she had the top; one with a deep cleavage for him to enjoy from a distance as they ate at their separate tables. She made a point of blatantly flirting with the waiter. She had always found with her husband that little jealousy kept him particularly keen.

As she left the dining room, she slipped into a chair at the table of her first new lover. She looked into his deep blue eyes. She felt a tingling between her thighs. He dared not speak; he knew the rules already. She continued not to smile.

‘Do you like having your cock sucked?’

He nodded.

‘When did your wife last suck it?’

‘I can’t remember,’ he replied cautiously.

‘See you next week then.’

With that implied promise left hanging in the air, she went to her room, got out her vibrator and enjoyed her second orgasm of the day as she fantasised of what she would do the next night, with Wednesday.

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