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An Interview With A Female Sex Addict

If I had a dollar for every man who ‘confessed’ his sex addiction to me, I’d be very popular at the strip club. 

“I’m a sex addict.” If that is not a line us ladies have heard at least once by some guy in a bar, have we really played the field as extensively as we think we have? While the liquored up lotharios run rampant in the lawless jungles of the dating world , sex addiction is very real.

Blog Interview Love & Relationships Sex  An Interview With A Female Sex Addict

What does sex addiction look like? Is it a male-only affliction? A thinly-veiled excuse to garner sympathy to get one’s rocks off? 

I’m honored to offer a deliciously candid view into the mind of a very real, very female, sex addict. We’ll call her Marion. She’s quite striking; lithe figure, creamy skin, and twinkling doe eyes. She sits with exemplary posture with such poise that I can’t possibly fathom to replicate. As she approaches her mid-twenties, Marion boasts an impressive resume as an internationally educated, classically trained dancer.

What are your thoughts on relationships? 

I’m not really interested in being in a relationship, or even dating. I get bored very quickly, particularly with men (I’m bisexual ) and will pick little fights and cause unnecessary drama until they get sick of me. Men are purely lustful in my desires . Women, however, I get really emotionally attached to. That can be scary. It’s easy for me to fall in love with a woman, it has happened many times, but I find that women’s sexuality is far more fluid than men’s, so they often don’t reciprocate my feelings in the same capacity. 

If you steer clear of dating, who do you have sex with? 

I have sex with my friends or people I meet when I go out. It’s easy, readily available, and free of expectation. 

Do you worry about your safety? 

I’m only on this earth for so long and I only have myself to hold responsible for the consequences of my actions. There’s something arousing about that power. The vulnerability of my choices, yet the autonomy of making those decisions for myself. To put it simply, it’s almost like spinning a wheel with my fate. 

What about masturbation? Does pleasuring yourself satisfy your craving as much as being with another person?

Absolutely! So much of the stimulation is mental. I love porn, and webcam models too. 

So circling back here…porn I get, but how are webcam models fulfilling? 

Other than having the pleasure of talking to beautiful women from all around the world and touching myself to them? It’s an emotional connection that’s somewhat safe. Some girls I feel I truly have a connection with, others I know are just actresses creating a fantasy , but it’s both thrilling and comforting to have their attention. They give me butterflies and make me wet simultaneously. I don’t pay for anything or expect anything from them, I just like to watch and talk to them. 

Have you, yourself, considered getting into porn?

I briefly tried the webcam thing, but it scared me how people can take recordings of you. I’m passionate about my work as a dancer, to be compensated monetarily for sex would cheapen the carnal thrill. 

How would you define sex addiction for yourself? Do you see it as a bad thing?

I see it for what it is—part of me. I can see how sex addiction could be debilitating for some, but for me, it’s just part of life and who I am. I don’t envision myself having children and at this point in my life I’m not interested in committing to another person. 

Sex addiction, at least in Marion’s experience, is largely comprised of perspective. There is both judgement and dismissal encountered in such a label, but as our gorgeous gal has expressed, that reality is what you make it. 

So the next time a guy (or girl) slips you the whole “I’m a sex addict” line, it might not warrant an immediate eye roll. It may very well be a lackluster attempt at a dance with no pants on, but give them a listen—you may walk away with a good story or two.

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