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According to Science: Does He Like You? Take Our Quiz and Find Out

Some things in life are more easy than others. Take 1 + 1 for example. The answer is 2. You just can’t argue with that.

But when it comes to matters of the heart, things become a whole lot trickier. And this isn’t news. You’re not the only one who has endured sleepless nights-on-end wondering, hoping, and wishing that he liked you.

So if your cheeks go red when you see him and you find yourself tongue-tied, you’re not alone. In fact, butterflies simply adore doing backflips in the stomachs of everyone worldwide.

But, for once and for all, it’s time to put this unanswered question to rest. If you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for straight from the horse’s mouth, we’re here to save the day.

Our comprehensive and scientifically backed-up ‘Does He Like You’ quiz will give you peace of mind, regardless of the outcome – and it’s fun and easy-as-pie to complete too.

Blog Healthy Relationship Love & Relationships  According to Science: Does He Like You? Take Our Quiz and Find Out

Quiz: Does He Like Me?

Below, you’ll find 15 questions to answer. Each topic discussed has been scientifically proven to demonstrate an accurate result.

The instructions? Simply answer “yes” or “no” to each question.

  1. When he talks to you, does he lean forward while maintaining eye contact? Does he tend to copy your movements (if you cross your arms, does he do it too)?
  2. Does his body and feet point in your direction when he’s with you?
  3. Does he appear nervous or a bit shy around you? Perhaps he stutters, talks too fast, or tells jokes that aren’t actually very good.
  4. Does he often glance at your head and chest (in a non-pervy way)?
  5. Does he give you more attention than anyone else in a (busy) room?
  6. Does he smile (a lot) with his eyes when he’s with you?
  7. Does he take any opportunity to touch you innocently? For e.g. touching your wrist to ask what your tattoo says.
  8. Do his friends greet you comfortably, as though they expect you to be with them?
  9. Does he put away or fully ignore his phone when he’s with you?
  10. Does he remember little (and big) things you two have discussed?
  11. Does he ask you a lot of questions out of genuine interest?
  12. When you’re seated at a table, for e.g. a restaurant, does he remove any items between you two that are on the table, such as a glass, a candle, or a small vase of flowers?
  13. Is he often in your intimate space? That is, 0-18 inches from your face?
  14. Does he do sweet gestures, such as give you the only seat on the bus while he stands, send you good morning or good night messages, or check up on you when you’re not feeling well?
  15. Does he give you compliments that are not only based on your appearance in a genuine and sincere way?

Next, count your yeses.

And drum roll please…

1 – 5 = He knows who you are, and he seems to have some interest and adoration for you, but this could perhaps be a friend zone situation .

6 – 10 = You’re definitely onto something, and the idea that he may like you could very well be your reality. Start to take even more notice of him, observe his behaviour, and try to spend more time with him because the odds are good.

11 – 15 = You may have yourself Mr Right (Now)! According to science, these 15 things are a sure-fire way to find out if someone likes you. So, congratulations! Go get your man!

And now that we’ve identified the key features and tell-tale signs that indicate someone is romantically interested in another , let’s take a deeper look into the science and psychology behind the behaviour.

Note: the information below applies to both men and women, unless otherwise stated.

Non-Verbal Body Language

Body Position, Mirroring, and Eye Contact, Wandering and Smiling

You can actually learn a lot about a person just by observing their body language. And at times, this may give you even more insight into whether there are sparks flying as opposed to verbal cues.

For one, it was found in a study that those who display expansive body language, like a stretched torso or manspreading, are 76 percent more likely to be interested in the person they’re talking to in-person.

The same interesting outcome proved to be true with online dating . Those who display this kind of body language on their online dating profile photos are 27 percent more prone to getting a ‘yes’ match.

Then, another quite obvious sign of attraction, is when someone begins copying another’s gestures. Such as, when one person folds their arms, the other follows suit.

In a strange way, the one with a crush subconsciously sends signals to the other who are then more predisposed to reciprocating the feelings of endearment. This technique is called, mirroring.

And lastly, when it comes to the eyes, there are a few giveaways. As they say, the eyes are a mirror into the soul.

So, if one catches and maintains eye contact for prolonged periods of time, if a smile is visible in their peepers, if their pupils are dilated, and if they tend to switch their gaze between someone’s head and their chest, these are pretty strong grounds to assume there is a bit of love or lust in their heart.

Light Touching

A touch doesn’t always have to be a sexual cue or hint. In fact, an innocent and adorable little touch could indicate some powerful romantic feelings .

So, if the one you’re with tends to grab your arm during a conversation, or ruffle your hair during a chat, you can consider that a gentle nudge in the right direction .

Or, if they enjoy a spot of preening – that is, straightening your tie or removing an eyelash from your face, that too could be a good sign.

Intimate Space

For some, getting up close and personal is just the norm. But for others, it’s an extremely intimate thing that could cause a bit of discomfort (think of someone standing on top of you while in line at a supermarket).

But when it comes to matters of the heart, there’s a strong correlation between those who enter someone’s personal space, that is around 0-18 inches from their face, and experiencing desire.

So, watch out for those who are quite literally “up in your face”, as it may mean that they have feelings for you.

Removing Physical Obstacles

This one involves body language and inanimate objects, but it’s just as easy to spot as the rest.

If you’re wondering if someone has the hots for you, keep an eye on the things that stand between you.

For example, if a woman has her handbag on her lap during a date , or if a bar stool is filling the space between you two while standing at the bar, these are physical objects creating a barrier. This is not good news for those who are looking for ‘the one’.

When there’s a clear, open space between a pair, this is a great sign.

Verbal Cues & Behaviour

They Act Shy or Nervous

Just like in a cheesy rom-com, you see the clumsy girl or the loved-up guy stumble on their words while talking to their crush. And even though it’s not as obvious in real life, this is actually a thing!

If someone tends to mumble or forget what they were talking about while blushing or smiling subtly from a bit of embarrassment, this could indicate that they have a bit of a romantic yearning for you.

They Give You Their Full Attention

If someone has a slight or even life-depending addiction to their smartphone in this day and age, it’s not very surprising. Surely you know what it’s like to go out for dinner or drinks with friends and half of them are barely present because they’re uploading pictures of their cocktails onto Instagram.

But if the one you’re with tends to put away their phone, or not take any notice of it, that’s an excellent sign. It means that said-person is in the moment with you because you are the focus of their attention.

Additionally, when they ask you genuine questions (watch out for sincerity), this also shows interest from their end.

Their Friends’ Behaviour Gives Them Away

Taking social cues from the one you fancy’s friends is a great way to find out if your feelings are being returned. Whether the friends are male or female, each have their own way of giving away little details.

Women tend to huddle, whisper, smile or laugh while doing subtle glances. Men may start giving high fives or engage in a bout of teasing when the apple of their friend’s eye enters a room.

They Remember The Little Things

Talk is cheap, granted, but it’s also a good way in which to gauge someone’s interest level.

So if you happened to mention that your favourite colour is blue, and your crush rocks up at your place five weeks later with five blue floating balloons that read, “Get well soon!” when you’re ill, this is a powerful indication that they are genuinely interested in you.

They remember the little things because they’re just as important as the big.

They Do Sweet Gestures

Just like the example above, a sweet gesture can be anything that shows an interest or concern for your wellbeing and happiness.

For example:

  • If the one you’re after starts following you on Instagram , they want to be apart of your world.
  • If they organise an awesome list of Netflix shows for you to binge-watch when you’re sick, they want to show you that they care.
  • If they get two tickets to see a band with you that they actively dislike but know that you like, then you’ve probably hit the relationship jackpot.

So, after all that, here’s hoping that cupid is executing a massive and romantic plan as we speak. If not… Tinder ! Hashtag justsayin’.

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