Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories GROUP SEX STORIES Orgy  A Birthday Submission – An Erotic Story

A Birthday Submission – An Erotic Story

Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories GROUP SEX STORIES Orgy  A Birthday Submission – An Erotic Story

It was my birthday, and he’d so far ignored me all day, despite my efforts to look extra special today. I’m not annoyed with him, I just hoped for something special, since it was my first birthday with him. I was in our kitchen cooking my own birthday meal, my favourite spaghetti pomodoro, while I sip a glass of wine I opened for myself. I hear footsteps come in, and a clickety clunk as he puts something down on the kitchen table. I continue to stir my pasta, not turning around.

Blog Erotica Free Sex Stories GROUP SEX STORIES Orgy  A Birthday Submission – An Erotic Story

He edges towards me, and gently slides his hands around my hips and down my thighs with affection, making my skin tingle with goosebumps. He lifts my hair to one side, caressing my open neck with his soft lips and tenderly teasing my nape with his tongue. “Don’t distract me, I’m busy” I say warningly, with a joking laugh. 

“You don’t want to be busy for what I’ve got in store for you” he replies. My heart skips a beat, and electric pulses wave up and down my body as I imagine in anticipation what this could mean. He reaches around my body to turn off the pan, before softly stroking his hands along my curves to the top of my dress, sliding the zip down. My dress slides off my shoulders and gathers at my ankles, and he traces my silhouette of my shoulders, my back, my hips, with the tips of his fingers. Abruptly he grabs my hips with both hands, pulling my hips towards him. 

He spanks my left butt cheek, then my right, with a quick and sharp slap slap. I gasp, in pleasure, at his sudden dominance. He reaches around to my face, slipping two fingers into my mouth to suck, before reaching them back down and sliding them into my pussy, as my wetness surrounds his fingers, and his thumb carefully into my butt. I groan, loud, over the sound of the kitchen extractor fan. 

“Your pussy is making me so hard” he exclaims, “and I just love it when you dress naughty like this”. 

Since it was my birthday, I’d ordered myself something new to wear. A red satin harness that exposes my nipples, and a matching suspender. They both have ‘O’ rings for attaching handcuffs to. 

“Stand up and get on the worktop, now” he says forcefully. I obey, sliding my legs wide in anticipation of what comes next. His warm breath caresses my clit, making it tingle with hedonistic pleasure. He sucks me, sending blood rushing and my breath heavy. “Ohhh” I moan. 

He looks up at me, handsome, strong and godly at my knees, “Oh baby, this is just the start”. 

He gets up, and walks up to the table. This was the first time I notice the source of the clunk when he first entered the kitchen. A new pair of decadent leather handcuffs, and my favourite red silk tie. He swaggers with smirkish confidence back to me, as I still sit perched, spread, on the kitchen worktop amid a dreamy scented cloud of Italian food and horny bodies. I hold out my hands, eager to be bound, and he tightens the straps so I feel it graze against my skin as I move. 

“Tonight, you are mine, and you do everything I say” he instructs in a dark, husky voice as he tightens the silk tie around my eyes. 

“Yes, Sir” I reply breathily as I feel another rush of excitement pulse towards my pussy. 

He grabs me by my hair and forces me to hop down from the worktop, following him blindly out of the room. I can sense he is directing me to the bedroom, and I wonder what else he has in store for me. He pushes me to my knees, and slides a thumb into my mouth and along my lower lip, pulling it down and encouraging me to open my mouth.

“Suck” he instructs.

I feel something warm, thick and throbbing sliding over my lips into my mouth, and I obey, sucking and drooling for it. But then I feel lips, grazing my neck and working their way down to my butt. A moment of confusion washes over me, before I realise there are three of us. He slides his tongue along my pussy and over my ass, teasing the opening, as I continue to suck.

I feel my cream running down my leg as his tongue reaches all the right places, making me so horny for more. I run my hands upwards, over a rippled, muscular torso that I know is not my boyfriend’s. I feel the licking replaced with a hard shaft slide into me from behind, filling my pussy with a warm wave of pleasure as I let out a back arching moan.

He pursues my g-spot hard, bringing me to the height of pleasure, as I busy my hands over the hard cock before me. It swells as I sense him climaxing, as I do, and we all moan in the ecstasy of my very exciting birthday surprise. My boyfriend slides off my blindfold and tilts my face to face his, reaching to rub my clit, as he thrusts harder, bringing my insides to a crescendo of indulgent pleasure and watching me as we both come heavy and hard. 

I forgive him for not giving me attention during the day, because this, the threesome we always talked about having, is the most exciting present he could have given me.

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