Articles Love And Sex Relationships - Flirting  7 “Innocent” Words That Turn Women On

7 “Innocent” Words That Turn Women On

Articles Love And Sex Relationships - Flirting  7 “Innocent” Words That Turn Women OnWords are powerful, if you use them juuuust right.

Here you’ll discover seven “seduction” words guaranteed to get a woman thinking about sex, how to use them and exactly what you need to say to make a woman wet her panties whenever you’re around.

Seduction isn’t all action – a lot of what’s involved in seducing a woman comes from what you say. What if you could whisper a few simple words into any woman’s ear and then have her look at you with a big smile, grab you by the belt and drag you to her bedroom? Yeah, that may be a slight exaggeration, but the right word at the right time will turn her on quicker than roses, candy or even a romantic dinner for two.

Here are seven “seduction” words guaranteed to get a woman thinking about sex!


These aren’t things you whisper into her ear by themselves. For example, if you lean over to your woman and say “wet,” she’s not going to instantly have an orgasm. That’s not realistic. However, if you’re making strong eye contact, flirting a bit, and then she drips a little bit when she takes a drink of water, you can say, “Oh baby, you’re so wet…”
And her mind will instantly go to sex. Why did it work so well? Because of three simple ways that the phrases must be used:
Indirectly. When you say “wet” you don’t want to say, “Wow baby, your panties must be so wet.” That’s just crude. However, if you say, “Baby, you’re so wet” after she came in from the rain, she’s going to respond to your flirting. This is because women’s minds are just as dirty as yours. So when she hears the word “wet,” she thinks about sex and her vagina being moist, just like you do. Even if it’s hidden in the conversation.

Timed Correctly. You want to use an innocent “seduction” word right after she does something that makes sense. Wet is the easiest example. Use it whenever she drips water from a glass, comes in from the rain, comes out of a pool or talks about some time she got wet in the past.
With The Right Tone You don’t want to bring attention to what you’re doing. Instead, you want it to seem like a regular part of your normal conversation. So use the steady, low voice tone you use when you’re chatting to her instead of ANY emphasis on the “seduction words.”


When should you use “deep” in conversation? Whenever you’re talking about feelings, emotions or anything physical. Here are a few examples:

When you’re talking about something exciting: “And how does that make you feel, deep inside?”
When you’re on a roller coaster: “I’m so excited. Can you feel your heart fluttering, deep inside you?”
When you’re planning a date: “I can’t wait to see how you feel, deep down.”

And when you’re about the meet a woman for the first time, one of the very best words is:


Articles Love And Sex Relationships - Flirting  7 “Innocent” Words That Turn Women OnGet your giggling out of the way, because “come” is one of the very best ones you can use. It has so many different uses and applications! For example:

When you’re waiting for her to come over: “I can’t wait for you to come..”
When you’re talking about a vacation: “It’s going to be so exciting when you come.”
When you’re talking to a woman about meeting up with you: “It’s OK baby, just come now.”

So you can see how each of those examples a “charge” of sex to it, yet it doesn’t set off any of her “horny” alarms. Another one of the most “under the radar” words to use is:


Obviously, you know what this one implies. And you know the ways comedians use it in bits. However, you may not know that “hard” is a quick way to make her imagine sex and unbuckling your belt. Which is one of the quickest ways to real life sex, even on the first date. So here’s how to use this “seduction” word:

When she’s teasing you: “You’re making it so hard, for me to resist you…”
When she’s making a tough decision – especially about coming home with you: “Baby, it’s so hard.”
When she’s talking about a challenging thing she’s doing: “Do you like it when it’s hard?”

And from here on out, these phrased get more and more blatant about sex, so you’ll want to use them when you’re really ramping up for sex.


These are great for anything involving food or drink and because eating and drinking are so sensual by themselves, they pack a powerful punch. Here’s exactly how to use them:

When you’re feeding her food, tell her: “I wanna watch you eat it.”
Also, when you’re feeding her food, tell her: “Here, just put it in your mouth.”
If you’re eating something she finds gross, tell her: “No, don’t look away. I want you to watch me eat it.”

Do you see how the things you say can carry sexual tension? Try adding them to your conversations, to make your first date into something much more interesting.


This is the easiest “seduction” word to use, hands down. You can put it in, whenever you want – if you catch the drift. Here are a few examples:

If you’re going somewhere together, say: “Baby, I can’t wait to go inside, with you.”
If she says something that makes you happy: “You make me so happy. I feel warm inside when I’m around you.”
If a hostess at a restaurant asks where you’d like to sit, say: “I like it inside.”


Paired with “wet,” this phrase is a sexual powerhouse. For example:

Say she’s eating and a little messy: “Baby, you’re dripping all over the place.”
If it’s raining, and she didn’t have an umbrella: “Look at you, you’re dripping wet…”
If you have ice cream, and it’s starting to melt: “Baby, you’re dripping all over yourself.”

So you see how you can use innocent “seduction” phrases to make any woman feel naughty, like having sex, around you. And you see how easy it is to toss these into any conversation you have. The real payoff comes when you finally use them on a woman you like.

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