Blog  Unisex Douche Enema Kit |  |  $34

Unisex Douche Enema Kit | | $34

This kit includes all the elements necessary to use as an enema or refresh the female form.  Unisex Douche Enema is durable and compact. The easy-to-use five-piece kit includes all the elements necessary to irrigate and clean the colon and refresh the vaginal walls. The Unisex Douche & Enema Set includes all the pieces you will need for proper hygiene. A two-liter collapsible bag with hanger hooks onto a strong suction cup. A four-foot flexible hose attaches to the bag and has an on/off valve for water control. Use the 2.25″ long spout for anal cleansing and the 5.5″ multi-spout tip for vaginal cleaning. For men and women alike, keep it clean!

Unisex Douche Enema Kit

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