Is Your Man Being Extra Nice to You At Random? Here’s Why…

It’s nice to be nice, don’t you think? Doing things for others without an ulterior motive really does boast great empathy and kindness. Not to mention how lovely it is to receive something special from… someone special!

Unfortunately, in this particular scenario, there is definitely an ulterior motive. But that’s not to say that it’s not a delectable one nonetheless. In fact, in this case, both parties actually win.

What are we talking about? The moment some men shower their female partners with seductive sex toys in hopes of gaining something for themselves. 

What do they want? A spicier sex life? To try something new in the bedroom? Nope, and nope! They want a bit of peace and quiet during some of the world’s biggest sporting events. How do we know? We did the research!

A LELO Survey: Sex Toy Sales Distribution, Men vs. Women

In an interesting survey, we learned that men account for four of every five sex toy transactions at LELO in the week before a big sporting event. Yes, folks… four out of five! 

And the reason behind all of this LELO madness is all in the name of sports! We’ve even given this shift in sales a name, that is “Brownie Sports Points”.

For a bit of perspective, a typical day at LELO sees 50 percent of transactions by men, and 50 percent by women. FYI, this is actually quite standard within the industry.

But in the days leading towards a big sporting event, like the Super Bowl in the U.S, or the Champions League final in Europe, this buying pattern changes.

Based on our data, we believe that men and women in relationships have a kind of agreement: he spends time with his friends to watch the big game, and in advance he sweetens the deal by buying his partner a sexy gift which she has chosen, or they’ve chosen together.

Either that, or perhaps women are so surprised and appreciative of receiving a sensual sex toy, that they’re more understanding and or generous towards how much time their partner would like to spend (with friends) watching a big game.

So, What’s Happening?

Whatever the reason, this buying pattern isn’t a coincidence. And the most interesting thing that we found, is the statistics of sex toy sales sold to men, regionally.

For example, in the days before the Super Bowl, men were responsible for 74 percent of all LELO purchases in America. And in the week before the 2018 Champions League final, which included two Spanish rival teams, more than 80 percent of Spanish transactions at LELO were made by men.

For visual learners, the graph below shows the results of LELO’s global sex toy sales by gender in relation to sporting events, marked with the dates of big international sporting events.

Blog  Is Your Man Being Extra Nice to You At Random? Here’s Why…

Mind blown? Ours too! In the graph, you’ll notice the following:

Leading up to the Super Bowl in the U.S, Copa Del Rey in Spain, Premier League in England, Champions League in Portugal, and the World Cup in Brazil, the blue line (men) rises considerably, surpassing the pink line (women).

And what kind of toys are these men buying during peak sales? Hint: it’s not for him, and it’s not for couples

LELO Global Marketing Manager, commented on the results by saying, “In the days before a big match, men are visiting the site less than usual but buying twice as much, and we know it’s not for themselves. Ordinarily when men purchase LELO products, it’s almost always couples’ massagers they can share with their partners. But in the run up to big sporting events, we see huge spikes in sales of our SORAYA 2 and GIGI 2 products – which are more generally used for solo play.”

He continued to mention that retailers should be aware of this trend, and prepare for the sudden influx of sales by men for women’s sex toys before kickoffs.

So, given the data, what’s our conclusion? While men may be buying these delectable toys for their partners in hopes of spending more time in front of the TV instead of in the bedroom, one thing’s for sure… both partners are certainly in for a wild and exciting ride!

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