How To Connect the F1s to the App

If you’re having trouble connecting your F1s device to the LELO F1s app, we’re here to help. Follow these simple steps for connectivity:

Blog  How To Connect the F1s to the App

  1. Download the “LELO F1s” app and make sure your phone’s bluetooth is enabled. Make sure it is charged until a steady glow (we recommend a 2 hour charge before use). 
  2. Make sure the device is turned OFF (lights are turned off, if device is ON press and hold the power button until the lights stop).
  3. Begin the app, wait for the introduction video or tap SKIP in the bottom right corner. 
  4. A “connect device” screen will show the following message: “Press the button on the device to connect.”
  5. Press the power button on the device. It should blink, signaling that the F1s is in connecting mode.
  6. The animation on the app will continue and a new “confirm connection” screen will appear with the following message: “Press the button on the device to confirm connection.”
  7. Press the power button on the F1s once to confirm the connection.
  8. The device will begin to vibrate for a second then it will stop. This indicates that the F1s is connected to the app.
  9. The menu screen will display Play, About F1s, Legal and Disconnect options. When the dashboard is on the screen, press the button at the bottom to turn on the dashboard.

The F1s is now ready to use. Track your performance in real-time with pleasure at your fingertips. Experiment wisely, often, and with lots of lube.

(Please keep in mind that for the app to function it needs to be actively open without the use of other apps.)

Some people have also been asking why phone locations must be enabled to use the app. LELO has never, and will never, use or share this information, it is simply required by devices to enable bluetooth.

We are continuously working to improve this app to give you the smoothest and most pleasurable experience possible. Thank you for your feedback!

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