Blog  Detachable Faux Pony Tail |  |  $85.00

Detachable Faux Pony Tail | | $85.00

Your Crystal Minx Detachable Faux Pony Tail or Sparkle Plug Pony Tail need a new tail color?  We have just the thing for you.  Replace your tail with a whole new color and look.

  • **Bulb does not come with this tail purchase….pictures are showing the look of the tail with the bulb
  • ***You are buying the tail only to change the look of your existing Crystal Minx Detachable Faux Pony Tail or Sparkle Plug Pony Tail


  • We recommend detangling your tail with a wig brush. Comb gently starting at the ends and work upwards.
  • Your tail does not need to be combed every day. Avoid excessive combing as this could damage the synthetic fibers.
  • After washing, rinse your tail in cold water, with the water flowing in the same direction as the hair to avoid tangling.
  • Never style your tail when it’s wet.
  • You can condition the tail every so often to keep it shiny, but do not condition it too much – this could lead to product build-up.
  • Do not use hair dye on your tail.
  • Using products that are specifically designed for synthetic hair work best; they will help keep your tail looking brand new for longer.
    Store your tail in a cool, dry place free of dust.
  • Do not allow your tail to be crushed or bent while stored; lay it or hang it in a way that will help it maintain its style and shape.


  •  To detach your tail from the plug, hold the plug in one hand and the base of the tail in the other, and simply twist to the left.
  • To reattach the tail, position the screw in the center of the base of the plug. Be sure to match up the external screw thread on your tail with the internal thread in the plug.
  • Using firm, downward pressure, twist to the right until your tail is securely in place against the base of the plug. *****Please be careful to not over-tighten when you screw your tail back onto the base of the plug


  • Fill an empty spray bottle with a 50/50 mixture of water and your favorite liquid fabric softener.
  • Soak the pony tail with this mixture until it is dripping wet.
  • Using a wig brush, gently comb the tail to remove any tangles.
  • Thoroughly rinse the tail until all of the fabric softener has been removed.
  • You can let your tail air-dry or use a blow dryer.

Detachable Faux Pony Tail

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