Blog  Daring Anal Relaxing Serum |  |  $30.00

Daring Anal Relaxing Serum | | $30.00

Intimate Earth Daring Anal Serum is an anal desensitizer, specifically designed for men, that relaxes the anal sphincter so that penetration becomes comfortable. This anal comfort gel has a unique formula that contains a certified organic extract blend with the natural potency of clove, goji berry, aloe, and lemongrass.

Unlike other anal sprays that can numb the sphincter and cause tearing, this anal relaxing serum does not have anesthetic effects. Instead, the anal sphincter becomes relaxed and penetration becomes comfortable.

Intimate Earth Daring Man’s Anal Relaxing Spray works quickly and is easy to use. Daring comes in an airless pump and is free of paraben, benzocaine, and DEA.  Latex and condom-friendly.

Daring Anal Relaxing Serum

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