Blog  BBP+ Boudoir Hand & Body Cream |  |  $55.00

BBP+ Boudoir Hand & Body Cream | | $55.00

This supremely hydrating, CBD infused body and massage cream has an exquisite butter crème` texture that is genuinely like nothing you have ever tried.  The custom blend of 250 mg. CBD, Organic Shea Butter, Jojoba deep moisturizing oil and essential oil fragrances create a combination that will work together to help soothe, calm and brighten stressed skin.  This harmonious blend of oils and butters give your skin a fabulous sensation of deep moisturizing while having an incomparable fragrance.


  • Surrender – Surrender to the dreamy essences of lavender, rose, tangerine and orange.
  • Nude – Nude allows you to soak in unscented purity. Enjoy by itself, or pair with a favorite Olivia’s Boudoir Bubble Bath

The essential Oils

  • Lavender essential oi: relaxing
  • Rose essential oil: sensual and relaxing
  • Tangerine oil: calming and very soothing
  • Orange oil; the orange essential oil has mild aphrodisiac properties

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