Articles  Here's What Science Has To Say About The Perfect Foreplay

Here’s What Science Has To Say About The Perfect Foreplay

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Articles  Here's What Science Has To Say About The Perfect Foreplay

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If you’re a master of foreplay, congratulations (to both you and your partner). But far too many of us fall into the other camp — we see foreplay as simply a thing to get through on our way to sex. And, according to a new episode of the video series sexplanations, one clear data point researchers have found across all genders is that pretty much all of us want to have more foreplay.

As the video explains, the average foreplay time is 13 minutes. But most people wish it would last a few minutes longer (somewhere around 18 minutes). So how do you make sure your partner is really getting what they want? The key, says Lindsey Doe, DHS, may be expanding your idea of what counts as foreplay — and making it more than an opening act you feel obligated to sit through in order to get to the headliner.

“Foreplay doesn’t have to build up to something more important,” she says. “It can be what’s more important.” Most of us probably think of kissing or touching our partner’s genitals when we’re thinking foreplay. “But it’s 2017 — use your imagination,” says Dr. Doe.

Focus on curiosity and exploring, and, of course, talk to your partner about what they’re into. That might mean lighting candles and setting the mood, describing fantasies to each other, or even making jokes every now and then — everyone has their own favorite combo of foreplay techniques. To learn more about why people are so into foreplay (and to get more ideas), check out the video below.

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