Relationships - Flirting  Did You Blow His Mind? 13 Must-Know Signs the Sex Was Good for Him

Did You Blow His Mind? 13 Must-Know Signs the Sex Was Good for Him

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Published: Sat, 02 Jun 2018 13:59:41 +0000

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Relationships - Flirting  Did You Blow His Mind? 13 Must-Know Signs the Sex Was Good for Him

The sex was mind-blowing for you, but are you lying next to him wondering about the signs the sex was good for him? Well, here’s how you know it was.

You’re not the only one who wonders about the signs the sex was good for him too. I mean, how can you not wonder about it? Of course, it crosses your mind, sometimes more often than others. I once had a guy dead silent during sex. I could hear footsteps on the street, and I live in an apartment building, so, when I say it was quiet, it was quiet.

Now, how do I assume he enjoyed himself when he didn’t even make a sound? Like so many other women out there, this is something easily interpreted into, “well, this was shit,” sex. [Read: 10 clear signs he’s not enjoying what you’re doing while having sex]

The signs the sex was good for him

Maybe you really like this guy, or you worry about your partner leaving you for someone else because they don’t think the sex is good. These thoughts have come to all of us. Listen, you don’t need to worry. There are plenty of signs the sex was good for him.

If you’re not completely sure, just ask him honestly and openly. From there, you work on improving the sex, if it needs to be improved. Girl, you just being silly, but here are some signs to calm you down.

#1 It’s regular. Listen, sex with someone once doesn’t mean that the sex was bad. It could have just been a one-night stand type deal even though the sex was amazing. However, usually, when someone enjoys the sex, they prefer to keep it on a regular basis. Makes sense, right? When you like something, you want it as much as you can get it. [Read: 15 super obvious signs a man is attracted to you sexually]

#2 There’s cuddling. If there’s cuddling and the sharing of intimate moments after having sex, it’s a very good sign that the sex was enjoyable for him. If someone wasn’t into the sex, the odds are very low that they want to touch you again. Like, really. 

#3 You know you’re good at sex. Confidence is a huge player when it comes to sex. You could have the potential to be good at sex, but you’re not confident in yourself, you’re not expressing yourself sexually as you should. This affects the sex between the two of you. If you’re confident in yourself when having sex then you know he’s going to enjoy the sex. [Read: 14 sexy secrets to be incredibly good in bed every single time]

#4 He’s expanding his sexual skills. If someone takes the extra step to learn new skills and bring new things into the bedroom, they want to impress you. Men are naturally competitive, so if he steps up his game, it’s because he knows that you have the golden pussy. He raises his standards or else he feels he’ll be cut from the team.

#5 He hasn’t made any comments about things to change. Sometimes, when we don’t like specific things that occur in the bedroom, we talk to our partners about it. We suggest things that could be different or express things that we like. But if he’s not hinting for you to try things out, it’s clear that he’s liking what’s happening.

#6 He tells you. If you blow his mind in the bedroom, he tells you. Men aren’t short for words when they’re mind blown by your skills. He tells you that you give amazing head or the sex was amazing. That’s enough information to show you that he’s into it. If the sex wasn’t good, he wouldn’t say anything. [Read: How to be really good at sex – 17 moves that’ll make you the hottest lay]

#7 He’s affectionate outside of sex. Of course, if you have a sex-only relationship, showing affection outside of the bedroom isn’t supposed to happen, so skip this. But if you’re in a relationship and he’s enjoying the sex, he craves it outside of the bedroom. Through his cravings, he shows affection with kissing, touching, cuddling.

#8 He goes down on you. If he’s not into you, he won’t go down on you. If he’s satisfied with the sex and/or has feelings for you, he goes down on you. Oral sex on a female doesn’t happen with every guy she encounters. When it does, it’s a good sign that he wants to please you.

#9 Spontaneous sex. If the sex drives him wild then he won’t be able to control himself and probably wants it all the time. If you schedule your sex, it’s not a good sign. But if you have regular spontaneous sex, it’s a clear sign he loves tasting every inch of you. [Read: 15 reasons why spontaneous sex is great, and ways to do it right]

#10 He isn’t going after other women. If the sex was good for him and he’s enjoying spending time with you as well, then he’s probably not seeing other women. Why would he? He has everything he needs with you.  Of course, if you have an open relationship this doesn’t mean the sex is unsatisfying for him either.

#11 You both care about each other’s need in bed. When you’re into someone, you make a conscious effort to make sure they’re satisfied. But, when you only use them for sex, you don’t really care about their needs but rather are only focused on your own. This is a huge difference and shows the sex is worth something to both of you.

#12 He’s romantic. Ooooh, he’s catching feelings. Listen, it’s easy. If he gets romantic with you then there’s obviously a sexual connection between you. If he wasn’t into the sex, then, first of all, he won’t stick around for long. Secondly, he wouldn’t make any romantic gestures. He keeps the boundaries firmly in place. [Read: 16 signs he wants you bad and is irresistibly attracted to you]

#13 You openly communicate. This is actually a great sign the sex is good for him. He’s opening up to you and expressing his inner fantasies and thoughts, sharing them with you. He wouldn’t do that if he wasn’t enjoying himself as it would be pointless. Openness and communication are a sign of connectedness.

[Read: 17 pleasurable ways to have intense sex with real passion]

So, you know all the signs the sex was good for him. There’s no reason for you to be insecure. Keep open communication about this subject, and you’ll know exactly how he feels.

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