Articles  6 Genius Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For A Solo Celebration

6 Genius Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For A Solo Celebration

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Articles  6 Genius Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For A Solo Celebration

Forget that hackneyed (and extremely dreary) single person’s Valentine’s Day “Survival Guide.” We’re breaking down six kickass ways to treat yourself and celebrate friendships in Cupid’s honor. And don’t worry — absolutely none of them involve weeping over a half-eaten heart-shaped box of chocolates (seriously, why does pop culture insist every single person does this?). Instead, plan a “secret santa” gifting party with your friends, or splurge on that class you’ve been dying to try. Our favorite solo Valentine’s Day pro-tip? Mark February 14th as a the ideal calendar spot to grab a backpack and finally book a flight to the adventure destination you’ve always wanted to explore. After all, you’re the best travel companion you’ll ever meet.

Watch the video above to check out more of our hacks for an unexpectedly awesome single Valentine’s Day. Spoiler: One of them may or may not involve a “date” with your favorite celebrity crush.

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