Relationships - Flirting  30 Naughty Truth or Dare Questions for a Sexy & Intimate Night

30 Naughty Truth or Dare Questions for a Sexy & Intimate Night

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Published: Sat, 03 Mar 2018 19:57:51 +0000

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Relationships - Flirting  30 Naughty Truth or Dare Questions for a Sexy & Intimate Night

There’s nothing quite as exciting as a fun game night together. These naughty truth or dare questions can kick off an interesting and intimate night.

Sometimes the best date night is one spent indoors playing some fun games together. What’s even better is turning those innocent games into naughty adventures. Having some naughty truth or dare questions ready to go can help make the evening a hell of a lot more interesting.

Not to mention how fun it’ll be to get to know your significant other a little better. And the best part is the entire ambiance will remain light and even naughty so you’ll have a more intimate time together.

How well do you really know your partner?

We all think we know everything about our significant others. The truth? We might not know them as well as we think. I mean, if you really think about it, how often do random, obscure topics come up in conversation?

It’s not like they’re going to tell you about a random time they went skinny dipping with a bunch of people while on vacation unless it’s prompted. But knowing that information can help you get a more well-rounded picture of who they really are. [Read: 35 fun questions for couples to get to know each other]

Naughty truth or dare questions for an intimate night

There are so many great things to be had with a great game of naughty truth or dare. You can keep things flirty and fun while deepening your bond with one another. If you can’t think of your own questions, we have some fun ones for you.

Truth questions

#1 Have you ever faked an orgasm more than once? Not only is this one fun, but it can also make the guy want to do better if the girl answers with a yes.

#2 If you could have a threesome with me and one other person you know, who would it be? Be careful with this one. If you’re more sensitive, this could cause some hurt feelings but in general, it might be fun to know who would make the cut. [Read: How to have a threesome with the right rules]

#3 Do you think sexting is hot? If you’re not currently doing it, this could help you realize your partner wants some fun over the phone. And if you are and they say it’s not really for them, you learned a lot.

#4 Would you rather have sex with someone with no arms or no legs? This is just a fun question to get them debating and thinking hard.

#5 Out of everyone in our friend group, who would you be most likely to sleep with besides me *if we were never together*? Once again, this isn’t a question for the faint of heart. Only ask this if you’re really secure in your relationship.

#6 What’s one of your naughtiest sexual fantasies? Want to know what they really want in bed? Ask this question and they’ll have to tell you.

#7 Would you ever do your sexual fantasies in real life? This is a great follow up question to the previous one. It’ll help you figure out if they want to act on their fantasy. [Read: 12 arousing sex fantasies to try in real life]

#8 Is there something you want to try in bed but are too afraid to ask for? If you’ve always wondered how much they’re holding back, ask this one. They’ll tell you upfront if they want a little something more.

#9 What’s something you want to try in bed but haven’t asked for? You can also just skip to this question and get the answer of what they want to do right away.

#10 Have you ever fantasized about having sex with your own gender? Some people get a little curious every now and then. This will tell you a lot more about them.

#11 Is there a certain movie that really turns you on? Next time you want some action, you’ll be able to pop in this specific movie to get them in the mood.

#12 Do you like porn? I think everyone asks their partners this question at one time or another. Why not ask it while playing a game? [Read: 10 good reasons why women should watch porn]

#13 What’s the weirdest porn you’ve ever got off to? There’s always one that’s more memorable and…odd. Get them to tell you and you can laugh together.

#14 Where’s the oddest place you’ve ever got yourself off at? You might just see a different side of them here. Some people won’t do it anywhere but at home while others can do it wherever they please.

#15 What do you think about when masturbating? Find out their real fantasy with this naughty question.


#1 Give me your best fake orgasm. This is both fun and entertaining. Plus, it can help you figure out if they’ve ever faked it around you before. [Read: A woman’s foolproof guide to mastering a fake orgasm]

#2 I dare you to lick chocolate off my ________. This is totally up to you. Wherever you want them to lick you, tell them and they’ll have to do it.

#3 I dare you to buy a sex toy for us to try. Hop online and find one you both like. So long as money isn’t an issue, this one will be fun and you’ll have an exciting time when it arrives.

#4 Strip completely naked in a sexy manner. Have them give you a strip show. Sit back and enjoy it.

#5 Act out a part of your biggest sexual fantasy. They don’t have to do the whole thing but even a little bit can tell you a lot.

#6 Act out the last porn scene you watched. If they can remember, this will be a funny one. [Read: Why watching porn together can save your relationship]

#7 I dare you to touch me on the place you like most. You’ll learn what their favorite part of you is.

#8 I dare you to streak around the house. So long as it’s dark out, this will be a funny one. See how brave they really are.

#9 I dare you to look up a sex position you want to try and show me. Not only will you learn what intrigues them, but you’ll have something new to try in bed!

#10 Kiss me like it’s the first time. You can relive your very first kiss together. It’ll be both romantic and adorable.

#11 Recreate a summary of the first time you had sex. This will usually result in a lot of laughter and a fun conversation about lost virginity.

#12 I dare you to pull up your porn history and let me look at it. If you want to see what they get off to regularly, dare them to do this. [Read: Why men watch porn instead of their woman in bed]

#13 I dare you to show me all the pictures on your phone. Want to know if they’re hiding something naughty or keeping a stockpile of naughty pictures you sent? Ask this.

#14 I dare you to make your O-face and let me take a picture. You can keep it as your lock screen and laugh every time you open it.

#15 I dare you to have your way with me for the next 30 minutes. If you’re all ready to go, then dare them to do what they’d please to you. It’ll make for a fun romp.

[Read: Sexual truth or dare questions for a wild night together]

There’s nothing more fun than acting out and answering some naughty truth or dare questions. The next time you and your lover are bored and need a fun night, this is what you can do to pass the time.

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