Relationships - Flirting  14 Embarrassing Questions About Sex Most of Us Are Too Shy to Ask

14 Embarrassing Questions About Sex Most of Us Are Too Shy to Ask

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Published: Fri, 23 Feb 2018 14:39:36 +0000

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Relationships - Flirting  14 Embarrassing Questions About Sex Most of Us Are Too Shy to Ask

Everyone I know had some slightly embarrassing questions about sex. Even with all that practice, we still didn’t perfect the art of sex.

I’m twenty-seven and there are still questions I have about sex. Most recently, they came up after reading a book to my little cousin called, Sex is a Funny Word. And they’re right, it is a funny word. So funny, that most of us just ignore or hide any embarrassing questions we have about sex.

Embarrassing questions about sex we all want answers to

Well, there’s really nothing to be ashamed about. We all have sex, so there’s obviously going to be some questions that’ll sprout up at some point in time. Because there’s more than just one. So here are some of the most common embarrassing questions about sex that you’re too shy to ask.

#1 Why does sex feel good? We all know it feels good, but why? There are two components: physical and emotional. It feels good because our brain responds to stimulation. This stimulation releases chemicals which make us feel good. Yeah, I know, it’s all chemical. The emotional part is due to a hormonal release which give us the feelings of trust and closeness. At the end of the day, it’s all about the hormones and chemicals. [Read: Why do orgasms feel good? 12 ways they affect your brain]

#2 Never had an orgasm? It’s not abnormal. In fact, many people are unable to have an orgasm. For women, it could be because they need clitoral stimulation, or they have a psychological wall. This will take some work and research, but it’s achievable. Men usually always orgasm when they ejaculate… they’re the lucky ones.

#3 If my partner likes porn, should I be worried? If your partner is staying up until 3 a.m. watching porn and not having sex with you, then that’s a problem. However, watching porn is relatively normal nowadays. It’s just how much they watch, and if it’s affecting your sex life. The best thing to do is incorporate porn into your sex life with your partner – a win-win!

#4 Is it hygienic to lick your partner’s anus? Unless they’ve been working out and sweating for the past eight hours, it’s fine. Of course, if they don’t clean it, then it may be a hygiene issue. But, if they prepare themselves before sex, you’ll be able to lick whatever you want. [Read: What does anal sex feel like, both physically and mentally]

#5 Is having multiple orgasms normal? Yes! And it’s encouraged. If you can pull off having multiple orgasms, then why not have them? It’s completely normal and it doesn’t mean anything other than you’re able to do it. So, orgasm on… live the dream that so many of us wish to have!

#6 Is squirting okay? Another one of the most common embarrassing questions is about squirting. Is it okay? Of course! Is it messy? Yes, it is. So, get a towel. But other than that, it’s perfectly normal. However, a few studies claim found that the chemical composition is urine. So, you’re basically peeing on them, but most people don’t think that it is. But, it is. Oh, it is.

#7 Can you not queef during sex? Have you ever tried holding a fart in? Okay, now, have you ever tried to hold your fart in while having sex? Yeah, it’s not easy. If a woman’s going to queef, she’s going to queef. It’s just trapped air in the vagina. It’s not anything to worry about… we all queef. Just laugh it off. [Read: Is queefing normal? All the embarrassing, untold details you need to know]

#8 Can a hard thrust damage the vagina? Honestly, he’ll have to be hung like a horse if he’s going to do any real damage. Though, it is possible for the penis to rub against the vagina, causing tears to the vaginal tissue. If you’re a woman who’s had sex while semi-dry, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

#9 Peeing after sex? It’s completely normal. In fact, it’s better if you do pee after sex. For women, peeing after sex actually helps cleanse the vagina from any bacteria and unwanted sperm. So, take a couple extra minutes after sex and try to pee. [Read: Peeing after sex and other confusing myths about the vagina]

#10 Can the penis get stuck into the vagina? Terrifying, but true. The penis can get stuck into the vagina. This usually happens when the woman’s pelvic muscles contracts. Basically, it clamps down on the penis and locks it in place. Don’t freak out though, if you’re both calm, the muscles will relax and the penis will be freed.

#11 Does pineapple actually make semen taste better? Well, there’s no actual evidence that it makes semen taste better, however, eating foods such as beef and garlic are known to make semen muskier in taste. I mean, I’ve never been with a vegetarian that didn’t have good tasting semen, so might as well give it a try. But, if it doesn’t work by eating pineapple, at least it was delicious. [Read: The many tastes of cum – Different women talk about what semen tastes like]

#12 Does getting turned on by porn make you lesbian/gay? Sexuality and what turns us on is very fluid. When I see porn, I do become turned on when watching two girls. However, I identify myself as a heterosexual woman. If you find yourself sexually attracted to women at clubs or at the supermarket, in non-sexual atmospheres, perhaps you’re more sexually fluid than you thought.

#13 Can the condom come off inside the vagina? Okay, so this may scare you a bit, but really, it’s pretty rare, so don’t worry about it until it happens to you. You’ll just have to dig it out, but don’t panic – if that doesn’t work, then you’ll want to head to the emergency and get them to do it for you. A condom stuck inside of you does increase your chance for STIs or pregnancy, but, I would just go to your doctor after it happens.

#14 Can you get pregnant from have sex in a jacuzzi? Good thing for you, sperm doesn’t do well in heat. That’s why men’s ball hang outside of their body. If the water is over 37 degree, say bye bye to the sperm. And come on, don’t jizz in a jacuzzi… other people gotta use that too.

[Read: 14 more strange, interesting facts about sex that you didn’t know]

Sex is all about awkwardness and exploring each other’s bodies. Of course, that means there are going to be some embarrassing questions and situations. But you’re not the only one, so don’t worry.

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